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Bring Back Lost Detail From Your Shadows

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Thanks to the one and only David Crewe for supplying the image for today’s tutorial! Check out the rest of his portfolio here.

Lightening Shadows

It’s always great to have shadows in your photographs to add definition, but sometimes they become too dark and subtract from the detail in your image. To fix this, we use the shadows & highlights filter to bring our shadows to an exposure where we can see more of our subjects. You can use this technique and Layer Mask out the parts of your photo you don’t want it affecting.

Removing Distractions

There are some things in this photo distracting us from the interaction between the two main subjects. Nothing major, but we’re able to take care of it by using a combination of the Brush, Clone Stamp, and Patch Tools.

Styling Your Image

Styling your image with color is a great way to add the final touches and make it really look amazing. Try using Adjustment Layers such as Curves, Levels, and Color Balance to bring up the blues and greens in your shadows. In this case, the cool colors help to create a sense of drama and intrigue which is perfect for this photo.


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