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Cleaning Up Eyes In Photoshop Phlearn Style

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Cleaning Up Eyes In Photoshop

When looking at a human eyeball up close, you’ll see that it’s surface is populated with dozens of minuscule, red squiggly lines and cleaning up eyes in Photoshop is very important for a great image. These minuscule, and red squiggly lines are usually very unnoticeable, but when there is an involvement of a macro shot such as this one by Fernando Braga, they can become a distraction of interfering with your great eyeball shot.

Removing Redness & fixing Distractions

We can start by removing the redness around the eye and tear duct with a combination of Hue & Saturation layers. This makes the eye look way less irritated. Now that that’s done, we can move on to the smaller Distractions. Veins can be covered using the Patch Healing Brush Tool. The Reflection in the pupil is a bit more tricky – we can duplicate the left side of the eyes and flip it to cover the Reflection. This gives us a perfectly round pupil and makes the image much cleaner.

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