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Combine Custom Brushes and Clone Stamp in Photoshop

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Creating Custom Brushes

Creating Custom Brushes is a great way to add more of an organic feel to your editing. Often times a regular soft round brush will not work for your image and you will have to go with something that imitates the Texture of the area you are to clone. The reason is that a soft round brush results in fuzzy edges and blurred looking clone areas. Even a hard round Brush shows obvious signs that a cloning job has been done.

In today’s episode we create a custom Brush that looks like dirt and show you how to configure it perfectly. We then save the Brush and load it into the Clone Stamp tool to finish the job. The resulting effect is seamless and fun!


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    That was a great tutorial! The blur when I clone drives me crazy – now I know how to get around it. Thank you!