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Create Photo Inception By Using Step And Repeat

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Creating More of An Image To Work With

For the effect we want to execute on this amazing image by Imadina, it would be nice if there was a bit more space on the top of this image. By duplicating the layer and using a Layer Mask, we extend the wall up, but the projector still needs some work. Using the rectangular tool along with the Brush Tool lets us paint in a new projection screen from scratch, giving us the space we need for this effect.

Step & Repeat

Step and Repeat is a great way to save lots of time in Photoshop when repeating the same Action. By adding alt/option to the command for transform (command/ctrl+T), the transformation is repeated. That’s the hard part. Now, by pressing shift+command/ctrl+T, the exact transformation is repeated on a new layer. You can use this command again and again, and it will go on for infinity.


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