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  • How to Make a Billboard Advertisement in Photoshop

  • by Aaron Nace
    September 30, 2015
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Defining the shape

The first thing we do is define the shape of our billboard.  We do that by using the Rectangle Marquee Tool to precisely define our borders.  Next we convert our selection into a Photoshop Smart Object. Creating a Smart Object allows us to edit the content within the Smart Object.

Next, we Transform our Smart Object into perspective so it matches the billboard we are referencing. We then use the Pen Tool and create a Layer Mask to cut out the lamp posts in front of the billboard.

Editing the Billboard

Now the real fun begins! We double click the billboard and determine what content goes inside. Because it’s a Smart Object, we are able to go in and edit our billboard as if it were a normal document. The exciting part is that our Smart Object will update in real time! This means that we can see instantly what our billboard would look like with the elements we choose inside.  From there we can go and grab different images and Logos to spice things up. This techniques works great if you ever have a client who wants to see what their image would look like in real life.

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