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  • How to Make Hair Color POP in Photoshop!

  • by Aaron Nace
    March 25, 2016
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Tutorial Description

Having a dull hair day? Don’t fret, we can make that hair Color Pop in Photoshop!
Learn how to enhance Hair Color using a Color Balance Adjustment Layer and how to add a new Color just to the Highlights of Hair. Next learn how to Dodge and Burn Hair to add volume and shape.

Add More Color to Hair Highlights

To give the Hair a bit more shine and Color, add a color fill Adjustment Layer. In this example we start off with green, making it easy to see what areas become effected. Next it is time to limit this layer to just the highlights. Double-click on the layer and in the blending options, go to ‘Blend-If’. Hold ALT/OPTN and click and drag the left slider on the ‘Underlying Layer’ slide. This will make this layer disappear from the Shadows and only show up in the Highlights.

Next change the Blend Mode of this layer to ‘Vivid Light’ or ‘Overlay’ and adjust the color to make a more natural Highlight Color in the hair.

Dodge and Burn Hair for More Depth

After making color Adjustments on the Hair, create a New Layer and change the Blend Mode to ‘Soft Light’. Next, grab the Brush Tool and set the Flow to 10%, this makes it easier to build up the Dodge and Burn effect and not over-do it!

The key here is to paint black over the Shadow areas and white over the highlights. This enhances Depth and allows you to give the hair a smooth Transition from Lights to darks.

Press ‘D’ to change to default Colors — white and black. Press ‘X’ to switch between foreground and Background Colors, making it easy to Dodge and Burn quickly. If the effect is too strong, simple press ‘E’ for the Eraser Tool, and erase away the effect.

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