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Phlearn Features: Grant Legan (Part 1 of 3)

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Grant Legan: Photographer

Grant Legan is a Chicago based photographer who works very closely with modeling agencies, testing new models and filling out their portfolio’s with a variety of looks. The photos he takes of them are the photos that get the models their future jobs. The agencies give Grant a great amount of creative freedom, leaving Styling and location decisions up to him. There is a fine balance Grant maintains to put his personal Style on all his images, while also providing the portfolio pieces the agencies need to get work. And the agencies keep coming back to him so he must be doing something right.

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Connecting with your model

Establishing a relationship with your model is an integral part of having a successful photo shoot. Be who you are and let your personality come through, and it return you will get to capture your model’s personality in camera. Involve your model in the progress of the photo shoot and keep them engaged, and they’ll be thankful. When they feel like part of the team everybody wins, and your images will show it.

Get all the emotions

Anger and distress are two emotions that look incredible in photos. But they suck to have in real life and it would be down right mean to actually make your model upset. It takes tons of practice to learn how to get anger out of your model. If you don’t get it the first time, shoot again, and again. Like all things in the photography world, first hand experience is the best teacher.

Check out more of Grant’s work at: Portfolio .

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