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Phlearn Features: Grant Legan (Part 3 of 3)

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Grant Legan: Back at the studio

Join is for part 3 of our feature on Chicago photographer Grant Legan. You can check out our interview in part one and come on location in part two.

The importance of movement, again.

While keeping your model moving is essential to capture “that moment” as opposed to a posed shot, it is equally important to move yourself as the photographer. A slight change in Angle can drastically change the image. It also might be a very subtle change that is very important to better feature a part of your model or surroundings.

Let your camera do the hard work

Camera’s have become incredibly smart and sophisticated, and despite what other’s may say it is totally acceptable to let the camera do the hard work when it comes to metering. But you still need to aways be aware of what your Exposure setting are, you don’t want your shutter speed to drop to low without you noticing and end up with blurry images.

Check out more of Grant’s work at: Grant’s Portfolio .

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