Chapter 1 | Introduction 1 Videos (1:28m)
  • 01 - What You Will Learn
    Aaron and Natalia describe what you will learn throughout this tutorial.
Chapter 2 | Meet the Instructor 1 Videos (15:27m)
  • 01 - Interview with Natalia Seth
    Natalia Seth's work inspires people all around the world. Get insight into how she got started and how she continues to grow a healthy community of followers on Instagram.
Chapter 3 | Tropical Resort 4 Videos (36:48m)
  • 01 - Cleaning Up the Background
    Natalia uses the Spot Healing Brush Tool and the Clone Stamp Tool to remove some distracting elements from the background.
  • 02 - Adding the Bird
    Learn how to realistically add a bird into a new background matching highlights, shadows, and color to the background image.
  • 03 - Dodge & Burn
    Add subtle shape and definition into a subject by enhancing highlights and shadows.
  • 04 - Coloring
    Natalia finishes the image off with some creative coloring using a combination of Photoshop LUTs.
Chapter 4 | Unraveling Strings 4 Videos (36:21m)
  • 01 - Extending & Lightening the Background
    Learn how to quickly extend a background and then use the Brush Tool to make adjustments to the color and lightness.
  • 02 - Retouching
    Use the Spot Healing Brush Tool, Dodge Tool, and Burn Tool to remove minor blemishes and add shape and definition to a portrait.
  • 03 - Drawing the Strings
    Natalia breaks down her process of using Solid Color Fill Layers and the Brush Tool to paint realistic strings into the image.
  • 04 - Coloring
    Learn how to use a combination of LUTs to stylistically color a photo and correct skin tones.
Chapter 5 | Paint Splash 6 Videos (1:09h)
  • 01 - Extending the Background & Removing Distractions
    Start in Lightroom with some RAW color adjustments, then move to Photoshop to extend and clean up the background.
  • 02 - Retouching
    Follow along as Natalia removes some minor blemishes with the Spot Healing Brush Tool and does some dodging and burning with our PHLEARN Photoshop Action.
  • 03 - Converting to Black & White
    Make an accurate selection with the Quick Selection Tool and convert the image to black and white using a Gradient Map.
  • 04 - Retouching the Hand & the Background
    Natalia cleans up the painted hand in the image and evens out the background.
  • 05 - Coloring the Eye
    Learn how to integrate colors into the eye using the Brush Tool, Blending Modes, and Blend If.
  • 06 - Adding Paint Splashes
    Natalia takes another image of paint splatter and composites more color into the background image,
Chapter 6 | Garden Girl 7 Videos (1:25h)
  • 01 - Lightroom RAW Processing & Liquify Hair
    Natalia begins the final chapter with some color work in Lightroom and then, in Photoshop, reshaping her hair with the Liquify Tool.
  • 02 - Retouching
    Learn how to enhance makeup with the Brush Tool and a Solid Color Fill Layer, dodge & burn, and remove minor blemishes and flyaway hairs.
  • 03 - Adding the Frog
    Follow along as Natalia cuts out a frog and composites it into the portrait, matching the light and creating realistic highlights and shadows.
  • 04 - Adding Flowers
    Cut out and place flowers into the subject's hair, matching light, color, and focus.
  • 05 - Adding Leaves
    We continue compositing new elements into the scene by cutting out large leaves using the Pen Tool and placing them behind the subject.
  • 06 - Adding Dragonflies
    Natalia adds some dragonflies into the image, demonstrating techniques to match light and color.
  • 07 - Coloring & Finishing
    With the compositing complete, Natalia uses a combination of LUTs, Fill Layers, and Blending Modes to color and finish the image.
Catalog  >  PRO Tutorials  >  Photoshop Compositing  >  Surreal Portrait Compositing with Natalie Seth

Surreal Portrait Compositing in Photoshop with Natalia Seth

Natalia Seth is a creative force of nature. With over 200,000 followers on Instagram, people all around the world are inspired by her colorful and imaginative images. Follow along as she guides you through creating four of her most popular self-portraits in Photoshop.

Learn how to combine multiple images, retouch portraits, apply creative coloring, and get valuable insight into her success on one of the most popular social media platforms.

22 Video Tutorials|21 Sample Images|14 LUTs|Instructor: Natalia Seth

Starting at $8.25/month – Unlimited Streaming
$49.99/once – Instant Download



Creative Compositing

Learn how to realistically blend multiple images together to create amazing scenes.

Magic & Imagination



Color & Compositing

Natalia is known for making impossible scenes full of color and energy. You’ll see her creative process end-to-end, from realistically combining multiple photos together, to her approach for applying stylistic color.

Blend Images in Photoshop

Combining images is some of the most fun you can have in Photoshop. We break down the principles of blending multiple images, from creating realistic scale and perspective to matching highlights and shadows. See the entire process from cutout to finished composite.

Color Toning

Learn how to color an image using a combination of LUTs and Lightroom Presets to dial in a look perfect for any photo. Follow along as Natalia demonstrates her coloring process, applying multiple layers of color and experimenting until she finds a combination that fits the mood of an image.



Tips & Techniques

Learn how to make quick and accurate cutouts, apply subtle dodging & burning, and combine multiple images realistically into the same scene. This tutorial covers a lot of ground and will have you feeling like a Photoshop pro in no time.

Portrait Retouching

You only need yourself and a camera to start making great images. See how Natalia pulls together surreal self-portraits using easy-to-find props and some Photoshop knowhow. Learn how to quickly combine photos and master the fundamentals of portrait retouching like blemish removal and dodging &a burning.

Surreal Composites

Animals. Paint splashes. Impossible objects. If you can imagine it, Photoshop can make it a reality. Learn how to combine multiple images to create unforgettable scenes. Natalia breaks down her techniques for cutting out objects and placing them realistically into a new background.

Colors that Pop



Style & Color

Learn how to use color creatively to bring simple self-portraits to life.


Photoshop LUTs

LUTs (or Color Lookup Tables) are advanced color presets in Photoshop. We include 14 custom looks fine-tuned by Natalia that can be used on their own or combined to create colors that pop. Use these LUTs on your own photos and use them as a base to create your own unique style.

Photoshop Actions & Lightroom Presets

In addition to LUTs, we include custom Lightroom Presets designed by Natalia to help you get the best possible color out of your RAW images. And you can speed up your retouching workflow with our custom Dodge & Burn Photoshop Action, perfect for adding shape and definition to the subject of a photo.

Creative Photoshop Ideas

We all hit a creative wall from time to time. Seeing how someone else pulls together their fantastic ideas can help. Hear how Natalia comes up with her concepts and how she brings it all together through both photography and post-production in Photoshop. x


Instagram Influencer

If you’re a visual artist, Instagram is the perfect place to share your work with the world. Natalia gives valuable advice for building, maintaining, and interacting with an audience on one of the most popular social media platforms.

Create Original Content

As a social media influencer, you constantly need new content to share with your followers. Hear how Natalia keeps herself motivated and see her process for coming up with fresh ideas. Once you’ve completed this tutorial, grab your camera and start creating.

Networking & Engagement

How do you connect with other Instagram personalities? How do grow and manage a large community of followers? Learn how a successful Instagram star manages their time and how they build and maintain connections through comments, stories, and DMs.

Class Instructor

Natalia Seth

Photographer – Class Instructor – @escapingyouth

Natalia Seth is an 18-year old self-taught photographer whose creations are inspired by her dreams. Her imaginative photos feature a rainbow of colors, unexpected objects, oversized bananas, and… really, anything in an out-of-the-ordinary and whimsical manner. Her surrealistic composites transport the viewer to unconventional worlds.

|View More Classes by Natalia Seth


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thank you! Very creative and inspiring. I appreciate the attention to detail and looking forward to playing with some ideas.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    This was such a fun bunch of tutorials to follow along with. Natalia’s abundance of creativity shows through in each composite worked through. Her great sense of humour and clear instructions help to make following along captivating. It was great to see another talented tutor sharing their workflow. Great work Natalia!

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    Thanks Natalia for some great stuff. Color Splash was great

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    Thank you sooo much for a fantastic new & different creative approach to Surreal. It’s brand new in my world and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve seen of Natalia’s work. My suggestion is simply to give the broad overview of the edits required (assume Intermediate to Advanced Users), rather than labouring under the actual work being done. I like that the structure of the recording allows one to jump to ‘next’ (short lunch breaks, etc.) – but all in all, WELL DONE to the Phlearn Team and Natalia : really appreciate and, totally inspired!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    OMG you guys! This was so much fun to watch. Natalia, you are adorbs. Both of you keep up the good work. You can tell that you were her teacher Aaron. Same way you’ve taught all of us. Unparalleled talent, both of you!

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    I love photo compositing tutorials. Maybe in the future you can bring Erik Johansson in your studio 🙂


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