Apr 18, 2012

The Pros and Cons of Using Content Aware

Move and Patch Tool

Everyone is talking about the new content aware move tool so today we’ll try it out. I’ve found that its usually a hit or miss and the key is only using it on something with a simpler background. Today we’ll put it to the test with an object on a white background and an object in the middle of more complex city scene. One of the many issues I’ve found is that when you do this it messes with the perspective, if you don’t move it too far that should help. In the end its a hard thing to get right and not perfect but will save you time compared to doing it all manually.


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    Lol I am starting to think you hate Adobe, and I loved your Barbra Striesand impression.

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    LOL You are totally crazy man… This waouahhh is just a new world record!!! LOL
    I sometimes use the tool to remove spots or little things like this. When the job is going tough (big surface or complicated textures), this content aware tool is out of business.

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    Eric Devir

    Aaron–you must have grown up with some pretty funny looking cats…

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    Daniel Klimowicz

    Is there any way to download the free episodes somewhere? I am going away after my exams and won’t have internet access but really want to watch all your videos and try things out when I am gone (I am new to Phlearn). Its sort of a get away to catch up on photography/photoshop and get away from social media.