Jan 09, 2014

How To Use A Wacom Tablet

Here Are Some Key Tips On Using A Wacom Tablet

Sometimes all you need to know is a few tips, and tricks to get you on your way. Here is why we love the Wacom tablet, and some tips you need to know. Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and check out our Guarantee Skill Development playlist. It’s like being a kid in a candy store.


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    Anna Beamy

    I am still waiting for my Intuos Wacom to come because I had bought it about a week ago, but I have heard a lot of really amazing things about it!

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    Darcy Gerbarg

    I’ve used Wacom tablets since the company started… a long time ago. But I stopped for 15 years and now I find the Intuos5 is way to complicated for what I need. Thanks for your quick and easy tutorial. It may be all I needed.

  • Roger

    I bought a tablet yesterday and would be completely lost if it were not for your two videos. Thanks so much!

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    I got a tablet after I saw this for the first time and wow! It really made the difference!

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    George Herbert

    I use duel monitors. I really like the idea of yours to map a small area on the tablet. Is there a way to setup a desktop toggle where I can move the pointer between monitors “in the small mapping areas” and not the whole tablet size, without the toggle? Having to hit the toggle to switch monitors is a real pain. There must be a smoother way, so I’m asking the man – YOU.

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    George Herbert

    I’m a brand new tablet user and I’m having a problem setting up a express key for changing brush sizes. I’m not sure if you use this shortcut or not, but it’s great. What I’m attempting to do is:

    With a painting tool selected, Control + Option (Mac) – drag left/right in order to decrease/ increase brush size. Control + Option (Mac) – drag up/down to decrease/ increase brush hardness.

    On Windows, Alt + Right Mouse -drag left right to decrease/ increase brush size and up/down decrease/ increase brush hardness.

    I can’t get this to work on my new 5 Pro, do you have the answer? I would love to see a video on this.

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    Saurabh Kashyap

    What kind of tablet is that you use? How much does one cost & what company would be the best to buy from

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    Daisy Rowlings

    What kind of tablet is that you use? How much does one cost & what company would be the best to buy from.
    Your video was very helpful to me. Thank-You!

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    John Pettett

    I’ve owned my Wacom 5 for a couple of years. After a few days I give up and go back to the mouse. Now I’m trying again. Just finished Part 1 of your course; so far so good. This time I’m running off your enthusiasm Aaron.

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    mino leopardo

    hi, for working my photos (but i’m only an amateur) with phiotoshop cc and a 24″ monitor is it better the medium or the small?

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    Aleksander Torset Eriksen

    Hello, do you wear out those pen-nibs? I find myself wearing out those nibs pretty fast when using firmer mode in settings. I got the Intuos5 Pro M and love it :)

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    Yes! This is just what I needed I attempting for the 2nd time since I’ve bought my tablet to make an effort to adjust to it. It honestly feels like driving on the wrong side of the road in a foreign country.

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    Alex Hochstrasser

    I bought a Wacom Intuos 4 Small over a year ago and I love it to death. Best thing I could’ve done with a $120.00

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    Two questions: Would you still recommend the Wacom Intuos Pro SMALL for a 27″ iMac screen? And is it not annoying to do keyboard shortcuts and type while holding the pen or having to put it down all the time? Thanks so much!

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    This show was very helpful!!! I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet but never knew I could reduce the size of the active area. I never liked using the tablet much because of how much I had to move the pen around the tablet. I am loving my tablet much more. Thanks!

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    Josh McKenney

    My brothers just bought me a Wacom Intuos tablet and I am SO GLAD that you posted this video since I’m always checking this site everyday! You’re actually the reason I wanted a Wacom tablet and its a little tricky to get used to but this video will definitely help me! Perfect timing for a perfect video!

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    Chris Kaufman

    I just bought one and it changed my life. It was the same feeling when I did photoshop on my first Mac. Changed everything for the ‘much much good’.

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    Zietse Bob

    Hi Aaron,

    Best wishes to you all for 2014 !

    Great video as always. Your previous video on the subject also helped me a lot.

    Would it be possible to lose the background music in future video’s. Highly distracting (to say the least) and completely unnecessary.


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    Tiago Gouveia

    Hello Aaron, great video on the wacom. I just got one for Christmas, and so far so good, the only thing it’s bugging me is that every time I take the pen off the tablet the pen buttons go to default presets. any clue what that might be?

    Love the episodes and can’t wait to see part 2


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    Spencer Payne

    Awesome video! I got my Wacom tablet as a birthday present from my girlfriend back in November. It was really hard to get used to at first because I wanted, like Aaron, to use only a portion of the layout, but my mouse was on low sensitivity so it was a bit of a jump but I’m totally used to it now. It took maybe a month for me to feel really comfortable with it.

    I have the Wacom Pro Medium. I don’t use the entire space but I find that if I’m using two monitors the extra space is really nice. I only wish the tablet could remember my settings for single and dual monitors so I didn’t always have to manually change it.

    For some reason, I sometimes have a problem with the wireless connectivity. It sometimes will cut out on me. Since the tablet is always right beside me though it’s easy to plug it in. Has anyone else have problems with this?

    I would highly recommend anyone getting one of these tablets. When I try to use Photoshop without my tablet I can’t believe that I once upon a time tried to work using a trackpad or mouse.

    Can’t wait for part two!