Nov 26, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Juicy Kicks

Gettin’ Messy with Paint and Sneakers

Sometimes it’s just fun to make a mess. We had wanted to play with paint for awhile, and came up with this concept to create shoes splashing and blending with paint.
Click Here to learn every step that was taken in Photoshop to create this amazing image.


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    Matt Clark

    Great behind the scenes!

    I have a question that hopefully someone on here can answer.

    When I shoot with strobes, if I shoot at anything faster than 1/80 I start to get black shadows due the the shutter and flash going off as the shutter starts to close. On this you’re saying you’re shooting at 1/160. I just wonder how you achieve such a fast release and avoid the issue I have?

    The strobes I have are very cheap Neewer ones, so perhaps more expensive strobes would solve my issue?

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      Hello, Matt!
      Yes, you’re right, it has to do with strobe sync speed. It can be that your triggers are slow (assuming you are firing the flash off-camera). But mainly, its never camera shutter fault. Its the syncing time… I have one strobe that on-camera I can only shoot 1/160 and still, some times I get the “black stroke”, it’s a cheap one from china 40$.

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        Matt Clark

        Thanks for the reply Daniel!
        I guess that’s just another thing I’ll need to invest in at somepoint!

        Photography should come with the warning “Every penny you earn, will go back into more equipment” haha.