Photo Editing 201 18 Videos (8:01h)
  • 01 - Introduction
    Aaron introduces Photo Editing 201, a dive into both Lightroom and Photoshop at the intermediate level. Building off of 101, the lessons from each image involve unique and complex challenges.
  • 02 - Importing & Organizing Photos
    An organized system of importing photos in Lightroom takes the confusion out of editing and exporting.
  • 03 - Photographing Nicole & Shooting with Gels
    Aaron talks through the neon photoshoot with Nicole and gelled strobe lights, and introduces the retouching and color enhancing in Photoshop that the photos lend themselves to.
  • 04 - Local Adjustments in Lightroom
    Culling, after lightly editing exposure and color in Lightroom, is a great way to find the image you want to take into Photoshop.
  • 05 - Retouching & Coloring in Photoshop
    Light retouching and color work can make an image appear vibrant and clean - and in this case, add a sense of magic.
  • 06 - Retouching and Dodging & Burning in Photoshop
    In a full body shot, more of the background is visible. Learn to clean up lines and distractions, and put the focus on your subject.
  • 07 - Photographing Taylor at Night
    Aaron talks through the lantern photoshoot with Taylor, and introduces ways to correct noise and unwanted color casts in a night-time photo.
  • 08 - Removing Noise & Fixing Color in Lightroom
    Night photos can often be noisy and underexposed. Learn how to reduce noise and bring back detail in an image in Lightroom.
  • 09 - Coloring, Moving Objects, & Exposure in Photoshop
    Aaron likes a point of focus in an image. Learn how Aaron cleans up the environment of a wide angle portrait in Photoshop to make the subject stand out.
  • 10 - Photographing Miki at Sunset
    Aaron talks through the three-mirror photoshoot with Miki, and introduces sky color enhancement and painting hair on a subject.
  • 11 - Culling & Color Grading in Lightroom
    Aaron begins the process by editing the sky's color and culling in Lightroom before moving into Photoshop.
  • 12 - Retouching, Object Removal & Color Correction in Photoshop
    With the goal in mind of putting focus on Miki, Aaron teaches you how to look for potential distractions and remove them in Photoshop.
  • 13 - Photographing Alyse in the Pool
    Aaron talks through the underwater photoshoot with Alyse, and introduces how to balance a photo's composition by adding more palm trees in Photoshop.
  • 14 - Culling & Color Grading in Lightroom
    Aaron begins the process by culling the photos and enhancing color in Lightroom.
  • 15 - Compositing & Color in Photoshop
    It can be tough to control what ends up in frame. Aaron teaches you how to composite palm trees into an image to balance it out.
  • 16 - Photographing Miki Twin
    Aaron talks through the "twin" photoshoot with Miki, and introduces how to complete the visual effect of there being two of the same model.
  • 17 - Exposure Correction in Lightroom
    Culling, and editing the exposure of an image in Lightroom lays a solid foundation for further editing in Photoshop.
  • 18 - Removing Objects & Retouching in Photoshop
    The spot healing brush and clone stamp tools are excellent at removing objects from photos, and Aaron gives you his tips for how to use them seamlessly.
Photo Editing 201 (Part 2) 5 Videos (1:35h)
  • 01 - Photographing Taylor by the Pool
    Aaron talks through the poolside photoshoot with Taylor, and introduces the most intensive object removal of the tutorial.
  • 02 - Culling, Highlights, Shadows & Color
    Aaron lightly adjusts the exposure of the images in Lightroom, and then culls to find the one to edit in Photoshop.
  • 03 - How to Remove Distractions & Retouch Clothes
    Aaron shares his go-to techniques for removing large objects, which can be too tough to tackle with the clone stamp and healing brush tools alone.
  • 04 - Outro
    Aaron reviews the overarching lessons of Photo Editing 201 and compares them to 101 and 301.
  • 05 - Exporting & Saving Images
    Exporting at the proper settings can ensure that your finished images will look great no matter where you put them.
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Photo Editing 201


After building a solid foundation in Photo Editing 101, it’s time to learn essential tools and techniques that will guide you through your passion.

What’s Included

45 Sample Images   |   23 Video Tutorials
* This tutorial is part of Photo Editing 101-301

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Subtle Compositing

Composting can be done in many different ways, and often times the best composite images are also the most subtle. In the example to the left, we balance an image that was a bit “left-heavy” by adding trees to the right side.

Edit Nondestructively

Cutting objects out of their backgrounds can take a long time and require tedious selection work with tools like the Pen Tool. There are other ways to cut objects out of their backgrounds that are more simple – the trick has to do with blending photos. Learn how to quickly bring multiple photos together.

Add Interesting Colors

As an artist, you are allowed to take certain “artistic liberties” with your photos, provided they achieve a positive result. Learn to play with color and push your images to the edge by adding gradients & coloring highlights and shadows.

Export & Deliver

After editing images to perfection, it is time to export them and deliver to a client or upload them to the web. Learn exporting workflow to make sure your images display properly no matter where they end up.

In-depth Editing

In Photo Editing 101, you learned the basics of photo editing, focusing mostly on workflow & Lightroom. In Photo Editing 201, learn in-depth retouching, color correction, & compositing in Photoshop.

Follow Along

Photo Editing 101 includes 45 RAW Photos (16-bit) so you can follow along with the instruction and learn at your own pace. RAW images provide the greatest amount of flexibility when editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Photoshop & Lightroom Workflow

Most images will require editing in both Photoshop & Lightroom. Learn how to import, organize and catalog images through Lightroom. Then move into Photoshop for more advanced editing.

What Makes a Great Photo?

Photo Editing has one purpose – to elevate your images to their highest potential. That is why we focus on teaching you what to look for, and how to fix common problems that any photographer faces.

Move Objects

If something isn’t in the right place, it can add visual tension to a photograph. In the example to the left, we move part of the wall up to clear more space and give the photo more room to breathe.

Change Composition

Learn how to stack multiple photos together to add more space to a photograph and change the composition at any time.

Dodge & Burn

Learn how to add beautiful highlights to skin and tone shape and contour through dodging and burning. Also learn the subtleties of color dodging to give the skin a “glow” effect.

Fix Exposure & Color

In a perfect world, every photo you take will be perfectly exposed and colored correctly. For most of us, we need a little help in post production getting things right. Learn to adjust exposure and color to give your images the impact they deserve.

Learn Multiple Lighting Setups

Photo Editing 201 includes 45 RAW photos from 6 photo shoots, each with its own distinctive lighting setup. At the beginning of each chapter we discuss the lighting that made each one of these images possible.

Strobe & Natural Light

Learn the differences between continuous and natural light and how to combine them in multiple ways to create different effects in your images. Bonus: Learn special techniques like dragging the shutter.

Camera Settings Explained

Enjoy the little details? Learn what cameras, lenses, and settings were used on each shoot via the on-screen pop-ups. No information left behind. If it has to do with photography or editing, it is covered here.

Multiple Color Variations

Quickly create many variations on your photos, give your clients more than what they expect. Use Virtual Copies to view and edit your variations at once.


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