Feb 20, 2013

Check Out Phlearn’s Behind the Scenes Shoot Entitled: Newfangled Pinup

View the Newfangled Pinup Cola Tutorial HERE!



We’ve wanted to do a pinup shoot for a long time, but we also wanted to make it stand out from all of the other pinup photos out there by adding a concept to it. While looking through images of classic pinups, we realized that the technology from that era has all been rolled into one very small computer, the smartphone. This sparked the idea for a concept showing the Contrast between then and now with some beautiful pinups.


It was important that our lighting was interesting, yet almost foolproof since the models would be moving around and changing poses quickly. This led us to use primarily large Light sources that would create even lighting with no harsh Shadows.

Post Production

When editing a series, it’s extremely important to make sure the editing matches from photo to photo and really ties them together. Combining Textures with Dodging and Burning was a huge part of making these photos appear old, yet new. Keep in mind a great makeup artists can make help match Makeup Styles from past generations. Not only have the Colors and Textures been processed in the same way, but the images have also been cropped with the same aspect ratio to have an old movie look.

Newfangled Pinup


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  • user image
    Robert Huber

    I look forward to this one. I don’t have any plans to shoot pin-ups, but the stylized approach is something that I would really like to get a better handle on. I can think of numerous ways to put them to great use outside of just pinups.

    • user image

      It’s called the “Wide-Eyed-Whistle” that the pinups used to do….though it does look a bit “Ducky” in these photos.

  • user image

    Id love for you guys to post the exif info on the photos.. I think it would help give a better understanding.

  • user image

    Love the hazy feel and the contemporary elements mixed with classic wardrobe. I always feel like pinups are overdone and cliche, especially when executed poorly, but these are extremely well done and elevate the concept. Very nice.

  • user image
    Joe Gunawan

    Absolutely love these. Great job Aaron and Phlearn!

    – Joe Gunawan Editor

  • user image
    K?rlis Briedis

    I really love concept, nice job guys, you never disappoin 🙂
    btw. Aaron how do you connect your camera to macbook so you can see live/get instant photos into lightroom? You’ve been doing it for a long time since i have noticed it, i would like to try that too 🙂

  • user image
    K?rlis Briedis

    I really love concept, nice job guys, you never disappoin 🙂
    btw. Aaron how do you connect your camera to macbook so you can see live/get instant photos into lightroom? You’ve been doing it for a long time since i have noticed it, i would like to try that too 🙂

  • user image
    Petr Novotný

    Gorgeous and extremly sexy, really love these. Those models were really professional.
    So you shot these just for fun, made a PRO tutorial and from this you get the money?The models, props and so on must have been really expensive.
    Or is it also part of some kind of advertisment or something like that?

  • user image

    The lighting setup diagram is really great (both from a graphics standpoint and an information standpoint) Really helpful!

  • user image

    I really do like the concept here and it is a shame that the sale is ending soon becuase I would love to have some of those filters and such.

    Also, I know that it might be late to suggest an idea but another picture that I think would be a great addition to this pinup series would deal with games. Such as how in the past a lot of games had to be done on a board like Chess, Checkers and so on. Now you have so many games on consoles like the Xbox, Wii, Playstation and even a smartphone. So imagine if you had a pinup of a woman with a chessboard setup and perhaps holding a game console controller or perhaps just a smartphone/iphone.

  • user image

    Great Behind the Scenes and enjoying the photoshop tutorial.

    One question there is a big difference on the background colour from behind the scenes (Blue) to the imported picture in the photoshop tutorial, teal green colour.

    Is this just WB, or some colour correction before the picture is ready for the tutorial?

  • user image

    Hi Aaron, Great concept and truly outstanding work 🙂 I have a bit of a strange question and I hope i phrase it correctly; These shoots that you do, this PinUp one and others that are seen in your episodes, are they work you are doing for clients or is this personal? Im just curious how all the funding comes into play… Does Phlearn cover these costs so it can boost the portfolio OR is this covered by a client which has asked you to make these images? Hope its not too personal of a question…

  • user image
    Natasha Heredia

    *Sigh* ANOTHER tutorial to add to my wishlist!!! loll This looks fantastic and SO MUCH FUN!!

  • user image

    I just joined the community…..tanks a lot for the tutorials you provide….
    About pinup shooting I need your advice. I have a 6×3 meter booth where I invite people to make some pictures. I ll soon be in a pinup festival and I Will Have to provide Nice pics… problem is I dont have enough space to setup many lightning…..what set up should be the best in this case ?

    Thanks for your help…

    French riviera.

  • user image
    Jesse Douglas

    @PHLEARN Those books in the first pin up. Any chance you guys still have them? If so could relay the Title, series and author? Not sure but that looks like a collection of books my parents had when I was a child. I’ve been wanting to try and purchase the collection for my niece but don’t know any of the details about them and haven’t physically handled one of them since 1980. Only thing I know about them is they were apparently distributed back in the 50’s since my Grandparents purchased them for my mother back when she was a preteen.