Aug 14, 2013

Create Mood, Atmosphere, and Drama in Photoshop

Create Mood, Atmosphere, and Drama in Photoshop

Photos straight out of the camera can be boring at times and it can be hard to know what may make them more interesting. Today we are going over some great techniques that can be applied to most images to make them a bit more interesting. By adding Color and Contrast to the image as a whole you can make your subject stand out a bit better in a few easy steps.

What About Skin?

If you are going to be Coloring your images, the Skin of your subjects will most likely get colored as well. Sometimes you want this effect but others you would prefer the Skin to have more of a natural tone. In this episode we Color the Background and then make a copy of the original layer and apply it over the entire image. We then use a Layer Mask to have this layer only show up over the subject. You can also lower your Opacity to bring back some of the original coloring.

Finding the balance between Coloring and skin tone can be difficult, but if you use the techniques in this episode you will be able to change the Opacity of each layer to find the balance that works for you!


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    Johnathon Brock

    Once again you show us all how simple adjustments can dramatically change an already good image into a stand-out image !!!
    The out takes at the end are also brilliant…… PHLearn !!!

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    Henry Lyles

    Thank you Aaron, for another great tutorial. I’m learning so much and building confidence with PS. A big TWO THUMBS UP !!!!

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    Mark Hoffmann

    I really like what you did – except for the halos around the model’s calves. tsk tsk. I know it was a really quick edit, just practicing my critique. 🙂