Jun 10, 2013

Create Patterns That Blend Perfectly In Photoshop

Finding A Pattern And Making It Work

There are many reasons for wanting to blend patterns perfectly into photos in Photoshop. It will allow you to add interest to photos and shape the way they come across. Sometimes you will be asked by clients to put their logos on products in an image, you can use the same techniques that are covered in this episode on making patterns blend in. We decided to edit this amazing image by Barias Sahinoglu and add a houndstooth pattern to the left subject’s shirt. The pattern was simply found online, cropped, and duplicated in a way that kept the houndstooth pattern consistent.

Once we had our pattern on the image, it was time to make it blend in like it was actually part of the shirt. By warping it to the contours of the fabric, it doesn’t look fake. After that we added highlights and shadows with different layer blending modes, making it even more realistic. This technique can be used for many different purposes, such as putting designs on blank t-shirts or even changing larger objects! Let us know what you come up with and submit it in a comment below!

Blending Patterns

When you are blending patterns in Photoshop make sure to use tools such as the liquify tool or the warp tool to have the fabric wrap around the piece of clothing. This will make it appear more real and keep it from looking like it is just repeating over and over again.

Photo by Barias Sahinoglu. Want to have your photo edited here on Phlearn? Enter our latest contest!


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    Srinath Mayilswamy

    Hey Aaron.. Why didn’t you use displacement maps? Is using just warp and liquify better than a displacement map?

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    Great tutorial, thanks! I’ve manage to make a light colored pattern look great, but can’t seem to get it when using one of my darker patterns… any hints? Thanks!

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    please phlearn us also about dispacement maps. There’s nothing like phlearn to learn 🙂

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    Alexandra Sweeney

    I need help, does anyone have any idea of how to make a suit in this similar fashion? The fabric I have needs to go over a black suit… that’s why I am having trouble.

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    Hi, I really enjoy watching your videos. I’ve learned and advanced a lot because of your videos. Your videos are greatly appreciated. I noticed you did this tutorial twice. It would be cool, if you can make another video instead of using simple black & white color patterns, how about multi colored patterns. Thank you very much for your valuable time & considerations! Looking forward to see more videos.