Mar 11, 2013

Create Photo Inception By Using Step And Repeat

Creating More of An Image To Work With

For the effect we want to execute on this amazing image by Imadina, it would be nice if there was a bit more space on the top of this image. By duplicating the layer and using a layer mask, we extend the wall up, but the projector still needs some work. Using the rectangular tool along with the brush tool lets us paint in a new projection screen from scratch, giving us the space we need for this effect.

Step & Repeat

Step and repeat is a great way to save lots of time in Photoshop when repeating the same action. By adding alt/option to the command for transform (command/ctrl+T), the transformation is repeated. That’s the hard part. Now, by pressing shift+command/ctrl+T, the exact transformation is repeated on a new layer. You can use this command again and again, and it will go on for infinity.


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    Tjeerd Doosje

    Great tutorial! We call this in the Netherlands: “De Droste Effect”, by the Dutch chocolate company. You could also see this as a kind of fractal. Nevertheless: thanks for teaching me the step and repeat!

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    Cool tutorial, I always do a christmas family portrait, where I hide the portrait from previous years inside a frame on the wall.

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    Rafael Leandro Jacomini

    In “portuguese – brazil” you can say: “Obrigado por assistir este exclusivo tutorial de”

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    Now you have to speak in french at the end of your tutorial. Only for your french fans 🙂 That s a amazing job Aaron!

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    Todd Wiseman

    I know this isn’t the emphasis of the episode, but it would be helpful for me to know what brush settings you use to extend the wall and screen. Specifically which brush (is it custom or the standard “pressure=size”) what hardness, opacity and flow. I remember you going over this before but I often forget (I think you prefer 100% opacity 10% flow). I can’t quite see the top of the screen to find out either! This is something so second nature to you it isn’t even worth mentioning, but for many just starting out with a tablet (or trying to break the mouse habit) it would be really helpful to get a few very quick brush reminders. Thanks!

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    Gracias por enseñar la técnica de repetir el patrono una y otra vez…
    lo que mas entendí fue la forma en que te despediste… 😀
    te desafió a que el próximo tutorial sea completamente en español y para hacerlo mas entretenido que sea en un windows y no en Mac.