May 20, 2013

Editing Exposure, Skin, Eyes, Sharpening, And More… All In 5 Minutes

Extreme Speed-Editing Exposure

For extreme speed-editing Exposure we’re editing this image by Aleksandar Jaredic, and we only have five minutes to do so! Sometimes you need to be able to edit quickly for clients. We start by correcting blown out Highlights using a combination of Curves Adjustment Layers and Apply Image. Next we move onto the Skin, eyes and Sharpening parts of the image we want to stand out. After that, all that needs to be done is some quick cleanup and darkening around the edges!

A great way to become faster at editing is to learn Keyboard Shortcuts religiously. Check out our Guide to Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts HERE, you can even download a desktop wallpaper so they’re there at your fingertips whenever you need them!

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    Keegan Evans

    Super entertaining and really useful! My quick edits are similar to this because of what I have learned from Phlearn!

  • user image

    Aaron: this is one of the most valuable tutorials to me lately! Thans for sharing and you seem to be pulling me out of Lightroom more & more!

  • user image
    Bert McLendon

    YES!! More fast tutorials. The talking is good but when we can scrub through and see what you’re doing that’s what video tutorials are all about, we can SEE what you’re doing. =) Great stuff, keep it up!

  • user image
    Jesse Berg

    Aaron, are the apply image settings the same for a 16bit image?

  • user image
    Shun Lee

    You should do a series of “5 minutes edits”. These are perfect for intermediate level people who understands most of the techniques you are doing but can then see it being used in different kinds of shots and context.

  • user image
    Muhammad Ramiz

    Sir,i m very thankfull to u ,bcoz i have learnt alot frm this ,,and i will keep learning i want to know about red eye,,what is red eye tool and for what purpose we use it

  • user image

    Hey Aaron. I really liked this tutorial and tried to apply it to a photo I’ve taken. I tried everything in the tutorial with additional adjustment and just couldn’t get the exposure/shadows corrected. Have a look, this is the original image.

    Photoshop Tutorials: Editing Exposure, Skin, Eyes, Sharpening, And More… All In 5 Minutes

  • daniliar

    Hi! I just have a simple question (I hope it is simple :)): When I use a very fast shutter speed and I also want a low ISO for not so much noise… well things get really dark! Can you tell me how I can make a photo that is taken this way have a good exposure (without changing the shutter speed and ISO)? I’d really appreciate your support! Thank you!

  • user image

    how about throwing some grain in, not necessary. that could have been the 10sec …