Apr 07, 2014

Behind The Scenes: Fashion Shoot

Get The Most Out Of Your Location

Come behind the scenes with us on one of our fashion shoots! These shoots can be intense, especially when everyone is on a strict time crunch. You have to be creative in a somewhat pressured atmosphere. Here we show you how to pose your model and some methods of making sure everyone’s mind is at ease. Behind the scenes: Fashion Shoot.

Learn more about this image in our Fashion Retouching Pro Tutorial:

  • Complete Photoshop Tutorial – Over 3:30 Hours of Step-by-Step instruction
    • Image 1: Walking Out of Vault – Object Removal, Retouching, Lighting and Coloring
    • Image 2: Laying with Fire – Retouching, Object Coloring, Lightening, Sharpening
    • Image 3: Standing in the Vault – Image Cleanup, Creating Texture from Scratch, Lighting Effects, Skin Tone Matching, Sharpening
  • 5 Separate Lighting Instructional Videos – Including 3d lighting diagrams and explanations.
  • Lessons Learned – Candid style video explaining what we learned on the photo shoot.
  • Original Images – 3 Images Included for Practice
  • Custom Brush – Retouching Brush


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    Alexis Kyprianou

    Hi Aaron great video!!!

    I was wondering if you could make a PHLEARN PRO tutorial on studio light please.Eg about camera setting,Light Modifiers, out door lighting and so on.
    It would make an awesome PHLEARN PRO.


    • user image

      Hi Alexis! Thanks so much for your input. We are actually currently discussing the idea of a big lighting tutorial…stay tuned!

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    Richard El Asmar

    Thank you for this wonderful tutorial Karl.

    I am having an exterior model shoot in a couple of days, using natural light, and I always have the fear of not having sharp focused eyes after zooming in digitally to the maximum on the picture.

    Any advise to make sure the focus on the eyes is sharp?

    Thank you!

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    Harry Grigsby

    The shot with the black dress is an awesome shot. I would have liked to see the candle lit for a bit more ambiance. Where you using a high enough iso and low enough strobe that the light from the candle would show as in the shots using the bar lights behind the booths?