Oct 24, 2013

Going Crazy With Curves and Color in Photoshop

Color Grading Using Curves

Curves are one of Photoshop’s most powerful tools. And color can be be an amazingly powerful element in an image. Using curves to enhance a photo’s color is an awesome way to add some pop. Yet that doesn’t mean it needs to be a complicated process. A couple curves adjustment layers with some quick hand painted layer masks is all it takes to add some incredible style to your images.

Adding a gradient color tone to an image can help with it’s depth and help draw the viewers eyes towards your intended point of focus. You’ll see how as we take you through a few curves, a little pen tool action and just one simple levels adjustment layer.


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    Rodrigo Feijó

    edit is pretty cool, but the frog, man… that frog. i just know i’ll have nightmares tonight 😉

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    BJ Duncan

    Thanks for the tutorials. Great work and totally motivating! You guys are fantastic!!

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    Christoffer Malm

    Could you please do a episode how to edit pictures like the street photographer Trashhand? Hes pictures has amazing natural colours and lightning. And thank you for all the great other videos!