Sep 30, 2015

How to Make a Billboard Advertisement in Photoshop


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    Nice tut again, thanks for sharing.
    However I have a remark.
    I am a Phlearn enthousiast from day one and still am. Like the way Aaron explains the theory behind his techniques. Everything is crystal clear after watching his tuts.
    In the beginning you showed us about 3 tuts a week (at least 2), nowadays is only 1 every two weeks. A serious deterioration.
    There are so many corners in Photoshop that you haven’t shown us and there are zillion techniques to explain so what’s up dude ??

    Good luck with the Candle business (is that your new “baby” now ?)

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    Hello, Aaron,
    Thank you so much for your tutorials. I love them, and have purchased a few!
    Would you kindly do a tutorial on retouching people wearing glasses? I find it pretty hard to retouch wrinkles and that stuff when they are under the glass. Also, sometimes there is a big reflection that doesn’t allow for the pupil to show; or otherwise, if it’s sun glasses, there might be other objects reflecting there. Is it possible to retouch that as well?
    Thank you soooo much for your beyond awesome help!

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    So weird that you are covering this. I was just working on the same subject at the beginning of this week.

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    Great lesson. Congrats on the new company! (and what’s going on with your hair?)

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    Aaron McCaughan

    You should include the image itself so we can follow along with the tutorial.

    Aaron <— great name btw. 🙂

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    Colin B

    This is amazing…as usual. Clear, simple and brilliantly explained. Thanks again Aaron

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    Norbert Schneider

    Aaron, great stuff – like everything I saw frow you.
    Perhaps you can help me solving this kind of problem? I want to retouch my “3-day-beard”. In fact I want to delete my “black dots” and protect my skintexture… and have to fix som skintones as well…
    I would be happy if you could show me (us 😉 ) your “path of solution”.
    Btw – feel free to contact and/or add me on facebook.
    Best regards.

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    Hey Aaron, thanks for another great video. I’ve learned so much from Phlearn. Great Job!

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    Thank you Aaron for all your lesson………..I look forward to see what you are going to do next………and please never take away the outtakes………….I laugh every time!

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    Still looking for the smart scratch n sniff object so I can tell what the candles smell like.

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    Thom Keach

    Another great fun video, Aaron. What’s with the candle company? You trying to retire as a millionaire before you’re 30? Well maybe 40, lol.

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    Reka Bodnar-Jones

    Yet another excellent tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Best of luck with your new Candle Factory business, wishing you much success…
    Hoping you can juggle both Phlearn tuts and candle making, would hate to see the tuts go.

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    John Hull

    This is a great idea for another class project, Aaron. Last week students in my Advanced Digital Media class added headlights to their own cars after watching your tutorial, the week before they removed tattoos from a model.

    This week we’ll be making our own billboards from a photo I’ve taken of a local billboard.

    Thanks for help me in the classroom

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    Hi Aaron! Thank u for the video! That’s a really great tip! I’m also curious how do you choose the right fonts for your works? Very often the font makes the strong effect on the poster, flyer etc. How do you choose and decide which font to use? It’s always a pain for me! ))))))

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    Dawn Churchill

    How clever. Just loved having Smart Objects used for perspectives. So easy when one knows how. Mystery solved. Thank you

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    This doesn’t seem to work for me. When i start using my pen tool it automatically creates a new layer. I’m not sure if this is the problem. If i make a layer mask out of my selection it doesn’t do anything and i don’t get the lamp in front of the billboard. I’m using the latest version of Photoshop CC, can anyone please tell me what i’m doing wrong?