Apr 14, 2014

Learn how to Create Light Rays and Dust Particles Using a Custom Brush in Photoshop.

Creating Dust in Photoshop

In today’s episode we learn how to create light rays and dust particles using a custom brush in photoshop. The key to creating “dust” is to make particles that seem completely random.

Using a custom brush is a great way to create dust because it will take care of scattering all the particles for you. All you have to do is choose your size then click-and-drag and Photoshop will place countless particles until you let go.

You will learn how to create a “custom brush shape” to make the particles scatter even more.

Download the Custom Dust/Light Ray Brush

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Creating Light Rays

After you have covered your image with specs of dust it is time to make some light rays. The cool thing about the dust brush is that you can use it to create light rays as well!

All you have to do is make your brush a bit larger and paint in one area of the photo. This will give you a cluster of dots in one part of your photo.

After you have painted the dots go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Choose the angle and strength of the blur that gives you the best light ray effect. If you need to apply the same blur again just hit (CMD + F).

In this episode we show you how to add variation to the light rays then use a layer mask to make them look more realistic.


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    Francisco Rullan

    I found very good idea stop saying “You can find me/us on twitter @aknacer / @phlearn… After all you don’t tweet that much… 🙂

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      That’s a bit rude… How about thank you for all the hard work?! :oP

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        Francisco Rullan

        I never meant to underestimate Phlearn work, it’s the best.. Prove of it is I have bought every pro tutorial published… It was more like a joking… I apologize, english is not my mother language…

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      Double click on the file that you downloaded, and it should install by itself then right click and find the brush.

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    The custom brush for download here are actually all your brushes. Pretty cool Phlearn Thanks.

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    Marta A

    Great tutorial ! I love the final effect. I downloaded this brush but it does not work in PS CC.

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    Henning Fischer

    The light rays and dust brought together the image and helped me to finalize the image. Thank you so much.

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    Jeremy Gardels

    Love your tutorials! Question…it won’t let me “Define brush preset”. The option is all dark and sad and unclickable. Did I miss something? Oh please help, wise Phlearner.

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    Charley Ball

    Thanks for the great info. I was wondering if you could do a similar video but with a focus on architectural photography. Perhaps how to make interior shots look better. Thanks again.

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    Chuck Staley

    Great tutorials, they have really helped me rework some of my art.

    BTW, these brushes wouldn’t work in Photoshop 5.1. Too bad!

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    Andrew gentry

    New to phlearn, the videos are educational and inspiring as well. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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    charlton Jaftha

    WOW!!! that is so cool im going to try that out right now guys thans so much!!!!