Feb 19, 2014

Phlearn Behind The Scenes: High Fashion Photography (Part 2)

Shooting in a Vault

Here is a behind the scenes of our latest “High Fashion” pro tutorial. See how we lit these amazing images and learn how to do it yourself.

To see the post processing check out our Pro photoshop tutorial Fashion Retouching, which includes all of the following:

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    Jay Stebbins

    Hey Arron, These behind the scenes episodes where you talk about your thought process are absolutely fantastic. Your fashion shoot is pretty spectacular as well. Nice work!

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    Bradford A. Ciecko

    I’ve watched lots of videos so I can find out how others handle a shoot. I too freak out on a shoot when something isn’t coming together initially and I need to change everything up on-the-fly. It’s easier knowing that someone like yourself, Aaron, can still have this happen. As J. Stebbins said, thanks for also taking us through the thought process.

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    Helpful video – great to see the mindset etc, however I don’t like being able to see both the light stand and reflector / flag behind the bars (and that would be almost impossible to remove in retouching) To me it is distracting…

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    Stephanie Rawcliffe

    Question: Your model didn’t look too thrilled in 90% of both videos (which may just be a model’s demeanor naturally). You said you were freaking out inside at one point but cool on the outside. How do you manage an improvisional moment with a model who is a stiff? Is there like a “go-to” verbiage you use or suggest to keep them cool?

  • user image

    Hey, what lens are you using for the high fashion shoots in the videos? Also, you use Canon, but is there a Nikon equivalent to the one you’re using?