Nov 06, 2013

Phlearn Features: Grant Legan (Part 2 of 3)

Behind the Scenes: Grant Legan Fashion Shoot

You had a chance to meet Grant a couple days ago during our interview with him. Now come behind the scenes as we follow him on a fashion shoot.

Using Lines and Your Surroundings

During a fashion shoot your model is definitely your primary focus, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore your background. Grant using the surrounding train tracks as leading lines to help direct the eye, and other elements such as dilapidated billboards to accentuate the mode he is going for.

Adapting to Different Conditions

Sometimes, very often, things do go as planned. During our scouting trip to this location there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Our shooting day however was very heavy overcast. The best way to overcome challenges is through experience. If you have experience under many lighting conditions, you can easily adapt to what’s in front of you.

Having a High Movement Model

Movement is the key to variety, and having a model who can’t sit still is actually a good thing. Diego was constantly moving his hands, head and body, and needed just a little direction to help pose those movements. If your model is a little stiff, get them to dance, shake it out, pretend to be a mime or anything else you can think of to get them moving.

Check out more of Grant’s work at: Grant’s Portfolio .


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    Braxton Klavins

    Hey thank you for this. I am a photographer that loves peoples faces. I am learning on directing models better but I do tell them to move around. I tell them that I don’t care if it feels weird. And the same with the expression. I just started a project that I am going to take 100 portraits of men that have an interesting look about them and then 100 portraits of women to show their true beauty. This way I wan to work on directing expression in people.

    But I do have a problem when trying to get a specific expression from someone because it is a lot for them to think about when trying to get the right facial expression. Any tips on how to get a person to give you the expressions that you are looking for?

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      Railroads/lines are all private property. The rail roads have been cracking down and if you do get caught your put on a Dept of Homeland Security List and may have a follow on visit by the Feds. This is happening to more and more photogs of late who are just innocently shooting.