Aug 02, 2012

Removing Shadows Underneath Eyes

Before (left) and After (right).

Text–Align: left;”>How to fix the shadows underneath people’s eyes.

Text–Align: left;”>In this photo taken by Angela, the sun has made some harsh Shadow‘s underneath Alex’s (the models) eyes. We’re not going to completely remove the harsh Shadow because in order to do that to make it look good we would have to remove the harsh shadow on his shoulder as well. Instead we just weaken the darkness of the shadows underneath his eyes by going into Curves and evening the Shadows and the Highlights.
Angela didn’t have a reflector with her during this photoshoot, but if she did she would easily be able to fix the Shadows underneath Alex’s eyes with one. All you would have to do is open the reflector to the translucent side, and put it above the subject. It would act as shade therefore eliminating the hard shadows.

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    Hi! Very Helpful video’s. Just wanted to say that the screenflow is not synchonised with the video/audio……..

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    The video was great but from 6.15 onwards the part of the screen showing the photoshop workspace doesnt move, so its not following what Aaron is saying he is doing. Also there are 7 blank minutes at the end of the video. is that supposed to be there?

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    Aaron Nace

    Hey Everyone, thanks for letting me know abou the video not being sync’d. I just re-edited it, and it will be online soon!

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    would doing the same thing on the shadows on his shirt help as well? the shadow on his face is not relative to the other shadows in the photo