Mar 18, 2016

Retouch a photo and turn it into a memory

Remove a blemish with Photoshop Fix, adjust development settings with Photoshop Lightroom for mobile, and then apply the adjustments to a photo burst with Photoshop Lightroom for desktop.

Special Thanks:
Video & Editing: Peter Stepnoski
Talent: Lyla Taube
Talent: Tif Harrison

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    Hi Aaron! I love the new apps from Adobe, and love the way you presented them – Adobe is doing the right thing by having you on their team!

    One question though. Is Photoshop Fix only on Apple? I was able to download Photoshop Mix on my Samsung Note 5 (the perfect phone for editing photos, by the way) but I couldn’t find Photoshop Fix in the Google Play Store. Is it only for Apple phones? (I hope not….).



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    I am amaze of your tutorial, especially how to retouch skin with photoshop with this i can retouch now. Good work sir.

    I don’t mine if i can download them.

    Best Regard