Sep 27, 2013

The Making of a Joker: Part 2

Cutting Your Subject Out

In today’s episode we cover how to cut someone out of their background including a great tip using channels to select hair. After Kat is cut out from her background we then extract her shadow to make it slightly visible under her.

From here you are ready to place your subject on any background you desire, whether it be a solid color, another image, or a playing card.

Here are some of the tools we use in this episode.

  • Type Tool – The type tool in Photoshop is very powerful, in this episode we change type direction from horizontal to vertical.
  • Layer FX – From Drop Shadow to Stroke, Layer FX has it all!

Kat Filipinas

Kat is the life of Phlearn. She is our Production Administrative Assistant as well as being an avid photographer. Kat and Aaron share Filipino heritage and are tight like that.

Kat Filipinas

Final Image


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    It is a fun little project. Thank you! I made a Queen and then tried to “fold” the card adding reflection and shadow… This wasn’t so successfull… It could actually be a part 3 of the tutorial!

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    Aaron — Just wanted to let you know that the rounded rectangle tool is available also in CS4. Curious as to why you thought it was new in CC.