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9 Ways to Light a Photo

Learn Photoshop Compositing

Photoshop Compositing Essential Tools and Techniques

Learning how to combine or composite multiple photos together will open a new world of possibilities for any photographer. Whether you are new to compositing or an experienced editor, this tutorial will change the way you create composite images.
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Using one light to get many effects

In this episode I’ll show you how one light can change the result of your image through the Distance and height from your subject. We show you where the Light was with each photo and explain why some Angles are better than others.

What’s covered

  • 0:30 Change lighting by moving your softbox
  • 1:26- Using a Light Meter
  • 2:10- Side lit images
  • 2:30- Lit from underneath
  • 2:40- Back lighting
  • 3:00- Lit from above and in front , closeup!
  • 3:20- Explanation of modeling Light and how it can be used to help
  • 4:00- Which Angles work better and why
  • 4:47- Contest info!

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