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  • How to Create an Inspirational Video for Instagram

  • by Aaron Nace
    July 14, 2017
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Download Sample Images

Click the link below to download the sample images and follow along with this tutorial.


Create a New Document Sized for Instagram

Start by creating a document perfectly sized for Instagram by going to “File – New” and choose 1080 x 1080 for the size.

Quick Tip: The Ideal File Size for Instagram is 1080px x 1080px.

Next, bring in the sample image or an image of your choice and turn it into a smart object. Smart Objects allow you to resize a photo without losing resolution.

How to Add Type

The next step in creating an inspirational image is to add some text. Press T for the type tool, choose your font, color and weight and enter your desired quote or message.

In this case, we split up the message into two segments and chose a different font weight for each segment.

To center align text, select the type layer and then make a selection of the entire document by pressing CTRL/CMD+A then selecting the Move Tool by pressing V and using the Align Tools on the top of the screen.

To move an object vertically, hold SHIFT and click-drag the object up and down.

How to Turn Your Image into an Animation in Photoshop

To make any photo into an animation in Photoshop, click on “Window – Timeline.” From here you can choose a video timeline or a frame animation. In this case we are going to create a video timeline.

All of your layers will load as video layers in the video timeline. To change the duration of any video layers, click and drag at the beginning or end of any clip. To view your animation, click on the “Play Button.” In this case, we stagger the text to show up from top to bottom.

Be sure to adjust the layers in the video timeline after pressing “Play” to get your timing right.

How to Create Video Transitions in Photoshop

Video Transitions will add a bit more depth and polish to your animation. To add a transition, simply click on the Video Transitions Icon and click-and-drag the transition of your choice onto the video clip.

To adjust the length of the transition, click on the transition in the video timeline and drag the end of it to make the transition longer or shorter.

How to Export Videos in Photoshop

After creating your video animation, it is time to export! When exporting for Instagram, be sure to render the animation as a video.

Go to “File – Export – Render Video.” The best setting to choose for Instagram is H.264 and all the standard settings that come with this preset. Choose your destination folder and click on Export.

To play your video, navigate to it in Finder or Window.

How to Get Your Video on Instagram

In order to get your video on Instagram, you first have to get it on your phone.

There are many ways to transfer files onto a phone. You can email, text, airdrop, transfer via USB or use another transfer program.

Once the video is on your phone, simply load it into Instagram and you are done!

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