Gods of the Nile

Gods of the Nile 15 Videos (5:43h)
  • 01 - Intro to Gods of the Nile
  • 02 - Pre-Production and Working with Clients
  • 03 - Gold Room Overview
  • 04 - Gold Room Lighting
  • 05 - Gold Room Camera
  • 06 - Importing and Organizing Photos in Lightroom
  • 07 - Gold Room Composite - Culling in Lightroom
  • 08 - Gold Room Composite - Compositing in Photoshop
  • 09 - Gold Room Composite - Changing the Background in Photoshop
  • 10 - Gold Room Composite - Replacing the Floor in Photoshop
  • 11 - Gold Room Composite - Retouching in Photoshop
  • 12 - Gold Room Composite - Coloring, Sharpening & Finishing
  • 13 - Long Exposure Overview
  • 14 - Long Exposure Lighting
  • 15 - Long Exposure Camera
Gods of the Nile 2 16 Videos (8:06h)
  • 01 - Long Exposure Portraits - Culling in Lightroom
  • 02 - Long Exposure Portraits - Editing Horus in Photoshop
  • 03 - Long Exposure Portraits - Editing Osiris in Photoshop
  • 04 - Long Exposure Portraits - Editing Anubis in Photoshop
  • 05 - Long Exposure Portraits - Editing Shea Coulee in Photoshop
  • 06 - Long Exposure Portraits - Editing Naomi Smalls in Photoshop
  • 07 - Long Exposure Portraits - Compositing the Group Photo in Photoshop
  • 08 - Shea Coulee Portrait - Lightroom & Compositing in Photoshop
  • 09 - Shea Coulee Portrait - Skin Retouching in Photoshop
  • 10 - Shea Coulee Portrait - Advanced Retouching in Photoshop
  • 11 - Shea Coulee Portrait - Exporting from Photoshop
  • 12 - Naomi Smalls Portrait - Culling in Lightroom
  • 13 - Naomi Smalls Portrait - Image Clean-up in Photoshop
  • 14 - Naomi Smalls Portrait - Skin Retouching in Photoshop
  • 15 - Naomi Smalls Portrait - Advanced Retouching & Coloring in Photoshop
  • 16 - Exporting in Lightroom

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Push Your Compositing & Retouching Skills to the Next Level.

This course brings creativity, photography, Lightroom and Photoshop together to push boundaries. Download all the images you need to follow along and create stunning images of your own.

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Gods of the Nile Gold Room Before After
Gods of the Nile Individual Portraits

Create Epic Composite Photos

Bring out the maximum potential of a photo shoot by compositing the best elements from separate photos.

Composite a Group Photo

It can be hard to get everyone looking their best in a group photo. Learn how to photograph your subjects separately and then choose the best images to composite together into the perfect group shot.

Smart Objects, Smart Edit

Composites involve working with a lot of different pieces, which can make workflow frustrating and create huge files. Learn how to simplify workflow and reduce file size by using different types of smart objects.

Create Special FX

Photoshop gives you the ability to enhance the “wow” factor of your photos. Learn how to add lighting and color effects to your images to make them stand out from the crowd!

Photo Shoots, Explained

Go behind the scenes into each photo shoot and learn the details of how these images are captured.

Gods of the Nile Portrait Retouching

Portrait Retouching

Help people look their best.

Frequency Separation

Retouching involves removing blemishes and smoothing skin, but that can make skin look like plastic. Many techniques destroy skin texture in the process of smoothing skin. Use the included Frequency Separation Action to make skin perfect and keep detail at the same time!

Portrait Compositing

It can be difficult to capture the perfect portrait in one frame. Often times there will be elements you want to change. Learn how to combine multiple portraits together to create stunning images.

Learn Continuous & Strobe Lighting

A photographer has many tools at their disposal, and the more you learn how to use, the more options you have. Creativity can flow freely when you are unrestricted by gear or technique. Learn how to combine multiple types of light sources to create stunning lighting effects.

Dodge & Burn

You may be surprised to see what is hiding in your images. Learn to enhance detail in a photo by carving out deep highlights and shadows.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great Tutorial! I love how Aaron gets with simple steps awesome results. Recommended!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    My heart jumped when I saw the concept. I was absolutely enthralled when I saw the lighting setup. It is brilliant and the results are beautiful. Before Aron commented on it, I noticed the 4 x 6 white board being hoisted up on light stands to be positioned above the subject. Never thought of that before. I’m going to try that. I loved the whole collaborative effort. It is stunning. Aron and his creative team is so creative.


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Gods of the Nile includes 31 Video Tutorials, 36 RAW 16-bit Images, 2 Stock Photos, 1 Logo Image, and the PHLEARN Frequency Separation Action.

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We do recommend a bit of experience in Photoshop. We explain everything step-by-step, but if you have never used Photoshop before, we recommend our tutorial Photoshop 101-301

Yes! If you purchase Gods of the Nile via the "Buy Now" option, you can download the entire tutorial and watch it forever. PRO Subscribers enjoy unlimited streaming while subscribed. PRO Subscribers also get exclusive discounts on PRO Courses.