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Histograms: Free Lesson from Photography 101

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Learn how to capture a perfect exposure every time by understanding your histogram!

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The Perfect Exposure

Exposure is paramount to creating beautiful images. Learn how to nail down exposure and give your photos an unbreakable foundation.

How Light is Measured

Understanding light is key to creating authoritative work. Become acquainted with the F-Stop–which is the unit for measuring light–and see how measuring and wielding light can refine the beauty of your images.

Understanding the Histogram

A critical yet often-ignored part of photography, the histogram displays the light and color information in the photo. Master this simple yet essential concept, and say goodbye to over-exposed images!

There is no "Correct Exposure."

Sometimes it is ok for a picture to be “too bright” or “too dark.” Learn the rules so you can break them. Creativity is rewarded in photography, so push the boundaries of your images!

Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO

Since light varies drastically from one location to the next, adaptability is one of the most important skills of the photographer. Luckily it’s not just guesswork. We’ll teach you how to use shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to get the perfect exposure for any environment.


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