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“There are a lot of photographers that are teaching these days. But none of them have the combined creativity, photography, and photoshop skills that Aaron Nace has.

He is one-of-a-kind and legit as they get. When it comes to learning about all things digital photography, look no further than Aaron and PHLEARN.”

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“PHLEARN got me out of my own slump. I was looking to learn some new PS skills but all the resources online seemed to just be rehashed and reposted, then I found Aaron & PHLEARN.

I have learned a great deal from the site, but my favorite part is referring other people in a similar situation to the site.”

“PHLEARN’S free courses trump most of the paid options that are out there and the PRO ones absolutely destroy them. PHLEARN is the only place where I’ve seen practical solutions and examples to the problems that photographers face on a daily basis.

Aaron’s presentation of both photography and Photoshop techniques is clear, concise and enjoyable. The value you get from the texture packs and PRO courses is fantastic and they immediately take your finished products to a whole new level.

I love my weekly dose of PHLEARN and look forward to the ambitious projects in upcoming PRO tutorials. Keep up the great work Aaron!”

“The quality of tutorials and content that is produced by Phlearn is second to none.

After spending years watching tutorials on YouTube and buying expensive videos, I discovered Phlearn. The average Phlearn tutorial is much longer than any homemade YouTube tutorial. The content of each video is also much more in-depth.

It’s unbelievable how many new things you can learn from each video. There’s always a couple small things, that you pick up here and there, that you find yourself using all the time. This is in addition to all the extras that are included with the tutorials like brushes and actions.

The price point for videos in perfect, especially because I have paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars for 1-2 hour videos.

I am constantly telling my friends about Phlearn . I am found that both photographers and artists love it equally.”

“I went to university for photography, and while I loved it there and learned a lot, what I learned in the photoshop end came no where close to what Aaron’s tutorials have taught me.

I have purchased more than half of the tutorials and have more often than not, came out with a whole bunch of new tips and techniques that I wasn’t aware of or familiar with. I find myself saying out loud “holy crap that’s so awesome” or “oh my god I wish I knew about Phlearn years ago” and other things of the like many times throughout the videos.

Aaron makes the tutorials even more entertaining by being silly and fun! I’ve had numerous laugh out loud moments. I highly recommend purchasing any and all of the tutorials!”

“The Phlearn Pro Tutorials have completely changed the way I approach projects in Photoshop.

Not only have I learned so much new material, I’ve now seen how the tools I used to use on a regular basis used in completely different fashions rendering amazing results. The icing on the cake is all the extras you get with the purchase; the patterns, textures, brushes, actions, etc.

You guys have really built something great here. Thanks a lot!”

“Phlearn Pro Tutorials are better than ice cream. I’ve been using Photoshop professionally for 15 years. Of all the sources of information on Photography and Photoshop I like Phlearn the best. Why? While most tutorials teach “How” to do things, Phlearn Pro tutorials teach “How” and “Why”.

Now that Aaron is including concept, preproduction, and photo shoot knowledge into the tutorials you get more than a simple trick you can do. It’s more like learning along side a photographer and peeking into their mind.”

“First of all I must say that I don’t speak english very well (it’s not my native language) but I’ll try to explain myself. How PHLearn has changed my life? Well… Do you know the feeling of looking back and been ashamed of yourself? This is what it happens to me when I look my old photos. Phlearn has tought me a lot of usefull thing: blending, dodging, retouching… things that it could seem easy to do but that they aren’t.

As a non-english-native I have to say that Aaron speaks very well, so it’s easier for me to understand him. In addition, when he explains something, he doesn’t tell you what you should do but he shows you. And, you know, it makes you feel relieved.

In conclusion, if you’re thinking of buying some PRO Tutorials let me tell you something: “Stop thinking! Just buy it!” It’s the best inversion that you could do. They’re usefull and you’re going to understand them quite well. And I’m sure that you will be able to make fantastic things soon!”

“Phlearn helped further my technical skills in camera and on the computer because the art and design school I went to did not have the best photography program. Thankfully, I did not choose to go into photography there, but minored in it. As a Communication Designer with a passion for photography, Phlearn was the photography school I had been searching for. Conceptual, technical, 24/7, and most of all, taught by a young and passionate professional in the industry who knows his craft.

Phlearn, you are doing something great and I believe you are changing lives because you help guide people who lack artistic vision to experts who have been in the industry for years.

Proud to be part of the Phamily!”

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