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  • How to Create Handwritten Text in Photoshop

  • by Aaron Nace
    April 2, 2015
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Tutorial Description

In today’s episode, learn how to create handwritten Text in Photoshop.

Follow along to make text match the perspective of most images. Using a combination of Warp and Transform, you can give text the perspective to fit your photo, and we will share our favorite fonts for a handwritten look.

From Pen to Computer

Learn about a great website where you can download fonts for free, as well as how to Warp and Transform fonts to make them look like they actually fit into your image.

This won’t work on every image! We’ll show you the type of images that will work perfect for this type of effect.  Then, we’ll show you the fonts that will help sell it even more.

In Photoshop we Transform and Warp our Text box to make it fit right on the page. Then we add a blur and Layer Mask to really bring it to life!

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