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Easy Tips to Adjust the Colors of A Landscape

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Utilize Curves

These will make the biggest Difference! Curves can be used to easily adjust Light Levels and Colors in your images. We don’t have ay Lights or darks, so I’m going to bring down the Shadows and brighten up the Highlight areas under the RGB dropdown option. This is known as an “S Curve,” which adds Contrast.

Use the Hand Tool to adjust only certain areas of the image, and play around with each Color Channel to remove and add certain Colors.


This can be done many different ways but High Pass is my favorite. To do it create a Stamp Visible Layer and change the Blend Mode to Linear Light. Then go to Image-Filter-High Pass to adjust how much you want to Sharpen.

Before and After


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    Hi Loved this tutorial!!! I wanted to see if you have transcripts of your tutorials available for view? It would really help as I work through some of my photos with the new information as there are a few times that I can’t hear exactly whats being said… Ex: What was the type of layer that was added, the last two layers… I am not sure how to follow the directions with out knowing the vocab. THANKS! Have loved all your videos!