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  • Learn How to Make Your Subject Stand Out With Color

  • by Aaron Nace
    January 14, 2013
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Tutorial Description

Congratulations to Jason for winning this week’s contest! We’ll be editing his image and showing you how to make your subject stand out better from the Background by using some simple Coloring techniques.

Simplify Your Color Palette

To make our subject in between the trees stand out more, we’d like to make her surroundings more of a monotone rather than the variety of different colors it is now. To do this, we create a solid Color layer and choose a green from the grass in the image. By changing the layer blending mode to color, we can see the detail in the photo. Bringing down the layer’s opacity makes the effect look more natural while still bringing the background towards the green side of the color spectrum. We don’t want this layer to affect our subject, so we simply create a Layer Mask and paint on the subject where we don’t want the green to be visible.

Adding a Vignette

To add a Vignette we use a combination of two different Curves Adjustment Layers. Use a Layer Mask to select the part of your photograph you want brighter or darker.

Lensbaby Pro Effects Kit

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