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Make Interesting Pictures With the Warp Tool

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Eliminating Distractions

Even great photos can usually be improved in Photoshop. There are some things that simply can’t be controlled during a photoshoot that end up being Distractions in the final image. In this case, the Transition from Shadow to sunlight on the Background meets right at the end of the megaphone. This takes away from the megaphone’s shape, but by lowering using the Clone Stamp tool we can see the megaphone loud and clear!

The Warp Tool

The Warp Tool lets you bend your selection to your heart’s desire. By creating a copy of her dress on a New Layer using the Clone Stamp, we can than Warp it so it appears to be blowing in the wind. By changing the layer mode to Lighten, the warped layer ONLY appears where it is lighter than underneath so we don’t get any unnatural looking Shadows.


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