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The Magic Of Pocket Wizards and Other Triggers

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Using Radio Transmitters

Pocket Wizards can be used in a few different ways- as a remote, with speedlights, and  for firing strobes. They’ve worked much more effectively for me than Infrared remotes or cheaper versions and can send signals from up to half a mile away. Not to mention you usually only need 2 of them since strobes will optically slave, meaning you can use as many Lights as you want.


Episode Timeline

0:30- Explanation of radio transmitters

1:25- Why I switched from ebay triggers

2:22- Attaching to the camera and Lights

3:00- Testing our Light

4:40- Speedlights

5:20- Why you only need 2 of them

7:10- Using a transmitter as a remote

7:40- Trigger cables

8:55- Setting a chain with the camera, speedlight, and strobe

10:00- More expensive isn’t necessary

Question of the Day

What are you using? Have you had better luck with certain brands?

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