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  • How to Remove Glare from Glasses in Photoshop

  • by Aaron Nace
    February 17, 2015
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Tutorial Description

It’s always a sad time when you end up with unwanted Reflections in someone’s glasses! Learn how to utilize the clone source dialogue to remove glare in today’s episode!

Short and Sweet

For this technique, you will need to make sure that there is one eye that is relatively clear of Reflection, so that we can use it to copy to the other eye.

The Clone Stamp settings we use are (found on the top bar):

  • Opacity- 100%
  • Flow- 100%
  • Sample: Current and Below

To get to the Clone Source Dialogue, go to Window – Clone Source. This is where we can really get down to the nitty gritty details. Here, some helpful things to do are:

  • Turn on “Show Overlay” to reveal a preview of what you are cloning
  • Flip the Width so that the cloning is flipped horizontally

Then, we clone from the left eye over to the right eye to take care of the majority of the glare. Be sure to match up the glasses as closely as you can; the preview is helpful for this! Feel free to use Layer Masks to fix any areas that were cloned too much.

We also use a lower Opacity Clone Stamp (50%) to smooth out some rougher areas.

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