Sep 06, 2016

How to Use Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop

Content-Aware fill is a simple way to Remove Objects from your images. Learn how to remove anything from a photo in a couple of simple steps!

What is Content-Aware Fill?

Content-Aware Fill is located in the Fill dialog ‘Edit – Fill’. Content-Aware Fill works by analyzing a photo and filling in a selected area with similar Texture and Color from the rest of the image.

How to Remove Objects using Content-Aware Fill

To remove an object from your photo using Content-Aware Fill, create a duplicate of the Background layer by dragging it onto the New Layer icon.

Next, select the object you would like to remove using any Selection Tool. In this example we use the Lasso Tool to make a rough selection around the dog in the image. Once selected, go to ‘Edit- Fill’ and choose ‘Content-Aware’ from the drop-down menu.

Thats it! whatever you selected should be gone! If the Tool doesn’t do a perfect job, make new selection and try it again – often times it will do better the second time.


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    phil hawkins

    You forgot to include the importance of the “feathering” adjustment, nor did you include any examples of when you have a selection that includes the image borders. Adjusting the feathering will dictate the amount of bleed you get in the results along the edge of the image.

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    Excellent reminder. PS does so much, I forget some of the tools. Thanks!! Much better than cloning when used in the right situations.

  • user image

    One question slightly off topic. 🙂
    Why do you use for layer duplication the way pulling layer down to icon and back? Would not be easier and quicker to use shortcut Ctrl+J? Or is there any special reason for usage of your method?
    Thanks and look forward to see your other nice and perfect tuts.


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    Eddie wiseman

    Nice article, but you neglected to mention that this “app” can also be used to expand the boundaries around many images that have areas almost in contact with the boundary limits of the image of the image.

  • user image

    When I do this I always get a dotted line between the edges of the part I want cleaned up and the part I am sampling from. I then have to clone this out. Generally it’s faster just to clone. Can you tell me why I’m getting this dotted line?

  • user image

    Let’s say that after we remove the dog from this picture we want to make it wider on both sides. Can you use a similar technique to expand the image left and right?

  • user image

    What is your image size and resolution for your tutorials? I noticed that the clone stamp brush size was 133 pixels. As always, great help!! Thanks!!!

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    Alice Wrobley

    Your tutorials are great! Thank you! A suggestion for future short tutorial…many times when I make a selection and go to the new select & mask, often I can not get the onion skin to work but the marching ants work just fine. Also, my refine edge doesn’t seem to work as easily or good as in tutorials…tips please!

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    Michael Honsinger

    I’m surprised you didn’t say “It did a Doggone good job”…Harrrr

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    Cindy O'Neil

    I would love to see you do a content aware example with a more complicated image such as two boats attached to each other, etc. I don’t encounter any problems removing an object from a simple background such as the one you used, but I do struggle with removing an object and getting a clean finish from a more complicated image.

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    Michael Newby

    can you do a tutorial on the benefits of the mask and the clipping mask? Which is better or if there is a difference….

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    Tom Iwersen (Denmark)

    It’s always fun to learn more by your tutorials. Aaron, You are very very good at what you do with PS CC. and you explains it very very well.

    Nice day to you all. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    In the very beginning of the tutorial, you said that Content Aware Fill is a new addition to CC, but it was there back in CS5 🙂 I know i had it for sure in CS5. Thanks for the tutorial, i forgot all about this tool!

  • user image

    Great stuff. Clear, concise and it works. For an “Oldie” couldn’t be improved upon. Many thanks.

  • user image

    I use Photoshop CC and I cannot get the “lasso” tool to work like this. It selects a “circle” form. I cannot just draw around the subject I want to take out. Any suggestions?

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    Terry Barber

    Great job! Very clear and you repeat enough times that I can clearly understand the process. Thank you.

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    I have a photo of my grandsons from xmas, how can I remove the background and replace with a different background?
    I love watching your videos. I am new to this, so thank you!

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