Jan 29, 2015

How to Use the Vanishing Point Filter in Photoshop

In today’s episode, Learn How to Use the Vanishing Point Filter in Photoshop! Trust us, it will take all of your perspective troubles away!

After duplicating the background layer, copy whatever you will be placing onto the clipboard. Then, simply go to Filter -> Vanishing Point. Create a box around the plane that you will be copying into. Be sure to follow the lines of the image- for example, if you will be pasting something onto a wall, carefully follow the lines of both the floor and the ceiling. Then paste your object from the clipboard, and drag it right onto your perspective box. You will be able to move your object all around in that box, and it will stay perfectly in perspective.


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    Mick Ryan

    When I play it the audio sync is out. Not sure if it’s just me but it was the same for this video on YouTube.

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    Bless this tutorial; I have entered that tool many times and exited without figuring out what to do. This opens a whole new set of possibilities! Thanks! Next stop: how to shade & colour the thing you just perspective-ized so it looks natural and not pasted in. That’s the issue I’m now facing with the images I chose to use.

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    Hey Phlearn team,
    I´m crazy about every tutorial! Could you made a tutorial how to create a person, animal or creature wich is made out of dust? I´ve seen your former Tutorial about dust, but i still need some more help for ths project.

    Best regards,

    Timo Perl

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    Jesus Ariel

    Dude….. nice trick….. I never finish to learn PS!!!!
    Saludos desde Nayarit, Mexico

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    Great tutorial Aaron, i noticed that after I used the vanishing point filter . The image that I used as a (painting) had jagged edges. Is there a way to prevent that or do I simply need to practice more with this filter

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    I never knew what vanishing point was for ! this is so useful ! thx alot !

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    Hi, great tutorial but can I have a question,
    If I need to paste multiple pictures (.jpg) in the same vanishing point filter grid one at the time, then export the result, one by one. I would like to save everything I do inside vanishing point filter in Action and then use the Action in Batch. When i do that, my action stops when it gets to Vanishing point filter step. It doesn’t get any error messages. I have tried with ScriptingListenerJS but I get the same result. The question is why does the action stops and can i make it move on?
    Can you help please?

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    Robert Underwood

    can you offer any tips on how to get a smooth and clean edge when cutting a person out of a photo in photoshop? Like removing a model from one background and placing the model onto another background. I keep getting jagged edges or a light or dark ring around the cut out

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    Thanks heaps Aaron, how would I’d get a drop shadow on the picture I’m placing with the vanishing point?

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    I have a question for Aaron or anyone who can help me . I was recently practicing with The vanishing point Filter. My problem is I was going to apply a tattoo I found online/ The tattoo was simple black with white background . I used multiply to remove the white background but when I pasted into Vanishing point the background came back . How to I remove that while in Vanishing point or can I

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    james gicharu

    Hello aaron nace, james from Nairobi kenya. i realy find your tutorials usefull, i have been following all your tutorials and so far am better as each day passes.