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Creating Pop Art in Photoshop Pt 2

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Feb 27

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Lighting the Scene

We start this episode off by going over the lighting we use to create this portrait. We use multiple strobes to highlight different areas of the portrait and show you what each does.

Creating Pop Art in Photoshop

In today’s episode we continue creating the pop art image by filling in the black and white outline with color.

We sample colors from the original Warhol image and fill in areas of the Marylin image.

Creating an abstract bakground

We use a photo of a gun to create a stencil and fill in the background, adding a different style from the original Warhol image.

  • Rob @ Amsterdam


    Love your tut on the lighting. Especially the way you built it up and showing what the effect of every separate light is. Please keep continue doing that including adding the 3D image.

    Love to visit your site and watch your tuts !

    3 Tips from me to you:

    1. Lose the facial hair
    2. Marry the model
    3. Live long and prosper


  • Mitch


    I was truly amazed from this Tutorial. It looks like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to try something myself. Great tips on both lighting and of course with Photoshop.

    Many thanks.

    PS: Good advise from “Rob @ Amsterdam” … LOL

  • Joe Littlewood

    Thanks for the tutorial! I had a lot of phun doing this :) Love phlearn! keep up the great work!

  • eyal asraf

    Thank you so much

    I enjoy and learn from you. You’re the best!!!

  • rued

    ….well just another great, awesome, brilliant, epic killer
    tutorial. i don’t know how i live without your tuts. thanks a lot,

  • Sergio

    Love this episode. Learned lots. Thanks Aaron.

  • Guest

    My go at this :) More cartoonish then pop art maybe.. :)

  • Tiffany Beveridge Borgersen

    My go at this. More cartoonish than pop art maybe, but thanks for for the tutorial Aaron!

  • Guest

    Big Thinks from france for PHLEARN!

  • Jeremy Q

    Big Thanks from France!

  • Carrie Tucci

    Thank you for the tutorial. So much fun. Original is Andy Warhol’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn.


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