Jan 20, 2014

How To Add a Tattoo To A Person in Photoshop

Adding A Tattoo To A Person In Photoshop Is Fun

In this episode we combine a few various techniques to make the tattoo look real. Now that you know how to achieve this image give it a try below, and submit your image in the comment section. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel, and become a fan on Facebook.


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    David Noll

    before watching you I never used the blend if sliders. Now I find I use them all the time. What a big difference that has made in my work. THANKS

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    Jerry Eberly

    I posted this to my facebook after watching your last tattoo tutorial and my family flipped!

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    Excellent! I love that you can move around the tattoo in the end and still maintain its appearance. I think the layer mask on the tattoo itself is a little off at the bottom, though, heh.

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    Keegan Evans

    My friend has been getting a ton of hits on this as his profile picture. His family freaked out quite a bit haha

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    Excellent tutorial, a real master in Photoshop. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

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    Shaun Poston

    Wow! This is absolutely brilliant! The last step definitely seals the deal! Thanks for this awesome tutorial!

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    Michael Maersch

    Kinda late to this discussion BUT I have a bit of a wrinkle based upon my trying Aaron’s suggested workflow here. I did this illustration (a Fotolia download + small B&W “tattoo” vector graphic):
    and then used some of what I saw Aaron do here + something I saw on another of his videos AND then used ‘Puppet Warp’ to make the ‘tattoo’ look more like it followed the musculature of this model’s back. I like that by turning the vector graphic into a Smart Object first I can always go back at another time, utilize another day’s perspective to tweak-anew, finesse the flat graphic to my subject’s back. (I’m hoping I got its color, opacity, warp-rendering “right” but am more than happy to receive any observations about where I may have – likely – ‘missed the boat’. Cheers. (And terrific series of inspiring ideas here with your presentations.)

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    You blew my mind when you were able to move it around UNDER the arm!!! So cool. 🙂

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    Just when I start feeling good about my photoshop skills I watch things like this and realize that I’m only using about 5% of what’s available to me. Now I feel like I’m just dabbling in Photoshop. Great video!

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    thanh hai

    thank you for your tutorial. Quite a nice one & now I can play around with some tattoos that I never actually have on my body.
    Here is my work, using some stock on internet. How do you think?