Feb 12, 2014

How To Change Colors in Photoshop

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    Love the light rays effect with the radial blur, I’ll definitely be using that one.

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    Rima Baroudi

    I learned the Apply Image trick from you before but forgot about until this video. I’m currently restoring some black and white images from the original negatives and this trick with curves is really helping to enhance but also maintain the tonal integrity of the image! Thank you soo much!

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    Awesome tut, I watched it 3 times actually! I think it would have also worked really well if you used a light yellow as the highlight color on the dress, instead of white. Because the light in the room looks light yellow-ish, and aren’t the highlights supposed to reflect the color of the ambient light? But it’s awesome with white, too, it looks more glossy than with a light-yellow. Nice technique.