Apr 12, 2016

How to Create and Upload Social Media Banners in Photoshop

Why Use Templates?

When uploading a new image as a social media banner, some areas will be covered by items like avatar photos and account information. Using a template will allow you to know exactly where these icons appear, allowing you to design around them.

Each network, from Facebook to Twitter and Instragram to Linkedin, all use different sizes and different layouts. It can not only get confusing to remember, but create extra work that wastes your time. Using our the free template files we have created, will ensure your social media banners look great every time.

Use the provided premade social media templates to create your social media banners and get more traction on your upcoming projects!

Download the Phlearn Social Media Templates

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    James Linton

    I have never understood why all social media templates are not just an inherent part of Photoshop and Lightroom – they are used all the time. I made my own – but these are better – thanks Phlearn this is simple and effective – the best way to learn.

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    luke westwood

    Awesome template guys. Thanks so much for this and keep up the great work.

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    cristobal de la cabada

    muchas gracias, siempre veo tu canal desde venezuela, saludos

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    Thank you very much for these templates and all that your team does.

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    A big thank you to all your team. Keep up the majestic work. Aaron you are a PS hero!

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    Mark Ross

    Danke – Thanks from Germany
    Love the Videos you do !!
    Please keep them Coming

    Mark from Germany

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    Thank you for the free Templates. I love your Videos so much. Best wishes from Germany.

  • David

    Thanks Aaron. Had no idea they had these banner templates.

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    Robin Browne

    Another great tutorial with useful content. Just changed my YouTube banner, Thank you.

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    Ravedge 27

    Love your Video tutorials, helped bring my skills up to a new level and thanks for the helpful download.

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    Edward Nightingale

    I love your tutorials and free downloads, thanks a billion.

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    Not to worry – tried different address and link was sent

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    Oscar W Revilla

    Thank you for this tutorial and templates, they are very useful

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    Jeff Greenbank

    Loving the tutorials…coming in to PS late so they are invaluable and soooooo many of em.

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    hi i received 2 emails upon submitting name and email but did not receive link for the social media templates. where can i download these?

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    I feel empowered to actually make my images and projects look professional! Thanks Aaron

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    Thank you for empowering me and for giving me the tools to make my images and projects look professional. Thanks again Aaron

  • ikaters

    Thanks, you make Ps so much more easy to use. Looking forward to every new tutorial. And these templates are a great idea.

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    Martin Bouwman

    Thanks a lot for all your tutoriols. Where would I be without my daily dosis of phlearn ?

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    I have a lot of social media projects at the moment and the dimensions of all these banners are always changing. This is a fantastic resource. Thanks for taking the time to put this tutorial together – and to have all three templates in one place!

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    Richard Earl Koen

    This tut helped me save a tremendous amount of trial and error work. Thanx!

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    Henny J.

    I always enjoy your joly face and the nice tutorials. Thanks for that

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    Khun K Naing

    I’m learning so much from your videos – Thank you so much for sharing! 😀

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    Your the best PS teacher, I really love your tutorials, it’s absolutely helpfull. Thanks a lot

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    Kasandra Mathieson

    Thanks so much for this episode! I really like how you go over things twice…appreciate your help!!

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    Thank you! You just made my day happier and with less work. THANK YOU!

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    Jaida Al-Qasem

    Do you happen to have a template that fits LinkedIn?

    Thank you,

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    Dave Lee

    I would like to say thank you very much for the tutorials.
    I have lerning disability and dyslexia and find I can understand most of the tutorials. I am 60 years old and I have just started computer graphics design course and I am loving it

    All the best

  • michael30

    This is good, but if you are considering updating this (or making a paid version,) I would wish to have the following:

    * Additional templates for other facebook covers, such as groups and events (Pages and Profiles fit this template, the others are slightly different and have different blocked areas)
    * Clear indications of which part of the image is visible on mobile (perhaps by low opacity color in the PSD, or another overlay layer)

    If this could really template all my social media stuff, and stayed up to date, I would pay ~ USD 29.99

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    I haven’t been checking in in a while….you still rock Aaron! You are truly the best teacher out there! Sometimes things can be nice and simple after all:)). Cheers, keep on being awesome:)

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    The templates have an embedded adobe RGB profile, should be sRGB to avoid unwanted colorshifts!

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    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for your great tutorials!
    I just don’t receive your download link to these Social Media Templates.

    Cheers, Marco

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    I signed up but all I got was an email that said thanks for signing up. Where is the download?

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    Ramin Golrokh

    Great work as always Aaron.
    Thanks for all the awesome content you guys provide us neewbs!!

    Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden!!