Jul 10, 2015

How to Add and Remove Fog in Photoshop

Learn How to Add and Remove Fog in Photoshop in today’s episode! This super quick and easy tutorial will turn you into a fog wizard. Guaranteed.

Removing Fog/Haze

This part of the episode occurs in Lightroom. The feature we use is called “Dehaze” and is a brand new addition for Lightroom CC 2015. Be sure to update your program if you aren’t seeing it.

Go to the Develop Module and scroll down to Effects. When you click on that section, you will see a Dehaze slider. Sliding this to the left will add more haze, and sliding it to the right will remove the haze. It’s that simple! It really is amazing how quick and easy this process is!

Also, be aware that this tends to add some odd saturation or color to the image, since so much correction happens when you remove haze. To fix this, you will most likely need to play with the colors and saturation a little bit. In this case, we chose to decrease the saturation to make the colors look more realistic. We also warmed the temperature up quite a bit because it was much too blue after the dehazing.

Adding Fog/Haze

This second section of the episode occurs in Photoshop. To complete the technique, create a new layer and fill it with 50% gray (Shift + Delete and fill with gray). Then, go to Filter – Render – Difference Clouds. You will get a funky looking black and white layer that fills your image. Here is where Blend Modes come in handy!

The Screen Blend Mode makes all of the darks in an image disappear. If you are a Phlearn follower, you should have this down by now! 🙂 So, change the Blend Mode to Screen and you will see the blacks magically disappear.

The clouds that you see left will be just the whites. You can now transform these to be as big or small as you’d like, and use layer masks to paint in specific areas.



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  • user image

    Did you miss the fact that Dehaze is available in Photoshop CC too, in the ACR panel? No need to dive into Lightroom for this who don’t use it.

  • Justin

    The new intro is fantastic, best I’ve ever seen! I look forward to seeing it in all future episodes.

  • user image

    Is there a difference between them? Love your work and the intro. Keep it up.

  • user image
    Askar Ibragimov

    Or you can tweak Dehaze to add fog, if you use it in opposite way. 🙂

    I though prefer very low opacity brushes on Normal-blend layer for general fogging and Smoke brushes for doing some more defined atmospehere.

  • user image
    Askar Ibragimov

    Dehaze can be used to add fog, if you use its slider in opoosite direction (at least in ACR).

    Also low opacity brushes in Normal blending mode will add some fogging. For more defined atmpsphere I would use smoke brushes.

  • user image

    I am somewhat disappointed because I have Lightroom CS6 extended and will not be upgrading to Lightroom CC. Is there any kind of additional plugin that I can add to my version just to get the dehaze?

    • user image
      Glen L. Bledsoe

      If you have the updated version of Adobe Camera Raw the same Dehaze function found in Lightroom can be found under the fx (Effects) tab along with Grain and Post Crop Vignetting. (For some reason I’ve always preferred to use Camera Raw over Lightroom, although I’m sure they act the same.)

  • user image

    I have a problem with Lightroom 5.6. Whenever I open a raw file in lightroom and then import it to Photoshop, after I save the image, it end up looking green. Specially when I upload it online.
    I wish you guys can help me to find out where does this problem come from or at least guide me how to search about the solution on internet.

  • user image

    I tried to use the Render>Difference Clouds on my Fill Layer that is 50% Grey and I didn’t get any of the black. I barely even see the white clouds. (see pic below) Am I doing something wrong?

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    Yannick Gleichauf

    Hey Aaron
    I’ve been a Phan for a while now and I’ve come to notice that your tutorials have become extremely focused and extremely simple. Which actually is a good thing. But I’ve come such a long way with you as my mentor and I just miss the photo battles or the portfolio reviews or the we-just-gona-do-one-thing-and-whoops-this-suddenly-is-a-20-minute-episode-where-we-fullyy-retouch-that-photo
    or the behind the scenes stuff
    or the interviews
    I just miss em so much please bring them back.
    It’s not like this isn’t great. its awesome. In the new videos I learn that one technique really well and can without going back to that ep do what you showed me and they take up less time to watch. But I like you Aaron I want to take time to watch your videos and hear what you have to say.

  • user image

    How can I do the dehaze in adobe photoshop cs6 reative suite version? Lightroom standalone I believe has no dehaze. Thanks for your lessons.

  • user image

    This picture needs some awesome lighting & fog added to it to bring out the photo. Can anyone help?