Apr 02, 2015

How to Create Handwritten Text in Photoshop

In today’s episode, learn how to create handwritten text in photoshop. You will learn about a great website where you can download fonts for free, as well as how to warp and transform fonts to make them look like they actually fit into your image.

This won’t work on every image! We’ll show you the type of images that will work perfect for this type of effect.  Then, we’ll show you the fonts that will help sell it even more.

In photoshop we transform and warp our text box to make it fit right on the page. Then we add a blur and layer mask to really bring it to life!


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    Nice tutorial but just a picky note: The title slide before Section 2 says Transfrom instead of Transform. I Love Phlearn!

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      Hi Kerri! Sorry about that! We noticed it too..after we posted it ! We’ll be a little more careful in the Phuture!

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    Would’ve been cool to transform the text as a smart object and keep it editable

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      Hi Pabz!

      This is just a suggestion! In the end it’s what works for you 🙂

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    Nate Bauer

    I think it would be cool if phelarn showed some of the basic video comping that can be done in photoshop. Taking photos and masking them over video is amazing. I know there are other programs that do this better, but photoshop can do it and I think it would blow people away to see another level of photoshop’s versatility.

    Love the videos. Thanks

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    Faraja wilson

    I’m very happy to your all tutorial, but Im beginer in photoshop help me.

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    Hi ! I am trying to do this tutorial (How to Create a Handwritten Text in Photoshop) but I don’t know where to find a picture.. I don’t know what to type on google image either ! Could you tell me where I could download these types of images or what to type on google ? Thank you 🙂

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    Thank you PHLEARN for your fantastic tutorials and tips. I just got improved a lot by just watching your tutorials. Now im able to create some funky pics for me and my friends,

    again you guys rocks……

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    Thanks for the great tutorial but I have a quick question. How do i paint using the layer mask without whipping out the text completely. I brushed over with black and the text doesn’t fade it just goes completely and ofcourse when i use white it brings it back but wasn’t able to get the fading effect.

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    hi guyz
    I love Ur Tutorials
    I want to ask one thing how can we adjust text on hands or arms