How to Composite Text & Graphics into Photos


Learn how to composite graphics and text into photos to create stunning advertisements, marketing images, social media graphics, and more. Download and follow along with each example and start creating beautiful images today!


  • 8 Sample Images
  • 4 Sample PSDs


Table of Contents

Course Preview
  • 01 - Composite Text & Graphics into Photos - Trailer
Composite Text & Graphics into Photos
  • 01 - Example 01 - Marketing Graphics
  • 02 - Example 02 - Infographics & More
  • 03 - Example 03 - Business Graphics
  • 04 - Example 04 - Create an Ad

Create Stunning Compositions





Place Graphics Between the Subject and Background

Learn to cut out a person from their background and create beautiful graphics behind them for an integrated composition. Learn to use layer effects such as drop shadow, stroke, and color overlay to enhance the graphics and integrate them into photos.

Great for Print, Advertising, and Social Media

Graphics and text can provide additional information about a brand or company, but they can provide more impact when presented with a great photo. Learn to integrate everything for endless applications.

Follow Along

Follow along with the included sample images and composite text and graphics into the included photos. Learn how to identify and find existing graphics on stock image websites like Adobe Stock and alter them if needed to fit your own brand.



Infographics, Marketing & More

Learn to choose images and graphics that will fit well together and integrate them into a single composition. Even a simple composite will look more professional then text simply overlayed on a photo.

Clean, Elegant Compositions

Create variations of graphics and composite them into photos for maximum effect. Learn to re-arrange and re-create graphics so they better suite your photos.



Enhanced Layer Effects

Along with traditional layer effects like Stroke and Drop Shadow, learn to create more advanced layer effects. We show you how to create a beautiful blurred effect with the background, making text and graphics easier to read. A nice change over a traditional white background!

Automatic Selections!

Learn to cut out your subject using new tools like “Select Subject” to quickly cut the subject out of the background and create a stunning composition in seconds. Refine and improve layer masks if needed for professional results.

Aaron Nace

PHLEARN Founder – Class Instructor

Aaron Nace is a photographer, Photoshop artist and founder of PHLEARN. He is the #1 Photoshop instructor in the world with millions of YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Wow, I really enjoyed reading this article.Whatever the hobbies you have or what you like to do, to beat the competition you have to know how to capture emotions or put in what you do to get people to come to your products. Thank you for all the information.

  2. Lock transparency! Who’d ever thought? Always learn something…and usually several things.

  3. I loved this tutorial , real interesting, it was sparking idea’s the whole way through.

  4. Hi Aaron! Thanks for the tutorials! I hope we can get back to the advanced tutorials like colour grading and colour corrections. New AI tools.

  5. Great Tutorial. Learned a few new tricks, refreshed some others. Always fun to hear Aaron explain things

  6. Loved this tutorial! Lots of techniques that are useable in many different images. The pace was good and the images and examples great.

  7. Dude….. Amazing stuff as usual. 10 stars

  8. I didn’t expect this subject was going to have a lot of new information for me but I was wrong – again. I’m glad I found your tutorials, they’ve turned out to be a total game changer. Thank you!

  9. This tutorial really caught my eye as soon as I saw the announcement email as I have to create a lot of images incorporating text and graphics for my work. It can be a real struggle to get the text/images to play nicely together sometimes, especially if the background is busy or parts of the subject are where I wanna place my text. I’ve always loved the effect of cutting out the subject and overlaying it on top of the banner/graphics etc but I’d never tried it before as I thought it would be too difficult. The lessons in this tutorial show some really effective solutions to make your text stand out on busy backgrounds while still making your subject the centre of attention. I loved how each lesson used variations of the same basic technique to provide the repetition required to lock it into memory so I can actually remember how to do it later on. I also loved the way that Aaron critiqued his own work as he went along, and he wasn’t afraid to say when he didn’t like the look of something. He then proceeded to tell us why and demonstrated various ways to correct it. I’ve come away from this tutorial armed with some really cool techniques that are going to up my game when it comes to working with text and graphics on images. I (almost) can’t wait to start work on Monday so I can start putting it into practice 😀

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