May 26, 2015

How to Create Title Screens for Video in Photoshop

In today’s episode, we show you how to create title screens for video in Photoshop! Not only that, we’ll also show you how to create a layer mask that animates throughout time. To finish everything off, we’ll show you how to animate layer effects in video. This is the final installment in our series of episodes teaching you How to Edit Video in Photoshop, and you won’t want to miss it!

If you’d like to follow along with these episodes, click here to download our video footage.

Section 1: Adding a Title Screen and Layer Mask

Title screens are a great way to brand a video. In our example, we use our Phlearn Logo for the title. If you’ve been following along with our series, all of this should feel familiar.

We start by creating a new video group. We then grab the file we want for our title (in this case it’s our Phlearn logo) and we drag that into the new video group. We then transform our logo to the exact size we want it to be. In our timeline, our title is on top of all our footage- so we see the logo on top of our whole video.

In order to add a bit more interest to our title, we add a layer mask. We use keyframes on our layer mask to animate what’s visible with our logo at a specific time!

Section 1: Using Layer Effects Animations

Now that we have our layer mask, we show you how to animate a layer effect throughout time. We choose a drop shadow for our layer effect. Then we play with the blending modes, opacity, and distance.

Now that the layer effect is visible, we keyframe the movements of our drop shadow. We change the angle of the drop shadow from one side to the other. Because it’s keyframed, we see the drop shadow move as time goes on. Very cool! This is just a basic example of how you can animate layer effects for video in Photoshop.

We end things off by reviewing our final video, and explain some settings so you can export your video and display it on the web!


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    I’ve been using Photoshop for years so most of the time I either already know what you are teaching or just learn a small short cut or technique that I never considered. However this series of editing video was awesome. I am just getting into doing more video and I have watched this entire series more than once getting better understanding of this. Without a doubt the most informative information to date.

  • user image

    Aaron, this is such a good group of tutorials – I never realised that Photoshop was capable of doing Video…I will look at it now in a different light…Thank you for a super set of tutorials…

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    Dominic k.

    Do you know if any video plugins for photoshop for text animation?

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    guillermo giannini rodriguez

    Thank to you. The serie is, very very good.

  • user image

    good series… how about a transition of the title from one color to another before fading out?

  • user image
    Don Funderburg

    Each time I see one of your teachings I PHlearn something. I also end up realizing that there is so much I don’t know and that list is getting longer and longer. I just can’t keep up with technology. I guess that is just part of getting old. But I keep trying.

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    Josh Cripps

    Perfect timing on this video. Been wanting to learn more about animating in PS and now I do. Thanks Aaron and crew!

  • user image

    I was sent a short video taken with an iPhone with a dirty lens. Is there any way to use something like spot healing brush to remove the spots which are visible throughout?

  • user image
    Preston Shirley

    Very cool. Didn’t really take that long and the results are great. Thanks. atb Opal

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    this is really good, very inspiring and i totally learn alot from your tutorials.

  • user image
    Chelle S

    Thanks for posting this series of tutorials! I’m inspired!!!

  • user image

    Great intro to video editing with PS.
    Now that you have shown us the mechanics, please give us more on artistic effects and uses of video/PS!

  • user image
    Taposy Rabeya

    Informative tutorials – so easy to follow – you are a great teacher. I’ve learnt so much in one afternoon after seeing your video tutorial.Before this – Photoshop looked scary – but now – I really see how straightforward it is to get great results.Thank you.

  • user image
    Dave Herndon

    Awesome tutorial. Is there any way to morph an object in video in PS? i.e. elongate a rounded square into a rectangle?

  • user image

    Hi Aaron !!!! awesome tutorials!!! You are my Photoshop GURU!!!
    I wonder if it would be possible to add pictures in the video… applying some effects like zoom in the video and zoom out from a picture.
    If for example in the video I am showing a particular pattern on a piece of fabric, could I zoom in and zoom out from a cushion with the same pattern?
    Thank you for your inspiring videos <3

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    hans pokorny

    Certainly the top of the line videos for learning how to make a video in photoshop. I would love to download these so I didn’t have to go over the internet everytime but no pain no gain! Excellent tutorials. I am looking forward to your tutorials on PS non-video, particularly 3D. I have found very little that explains this well. Many thanks for your efforts.