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The Best Photography Articles & Guides for Covid-19 Support


“The Great Empty” New York Times

The Times sent dozens of photographers out to capture images of once-bustling cities around the world.

“Photography Project Ideas to Do at Home During COVID-19” Format

Expand your skills into new areas with these photoshoot ideas at home.

“Isolation Diary: Photographers Document Their Experience With COVID-19” NPR

Photographers share their experiences with COVID19 through photographs.

“How can photographers capture human connection in the age of coronavirus?” CNN

Amid a global pandemic that is forcing vast swathes of society to stay at home, photographers around the world consider what this means for visual storytelling.

“How to Use Window Light to Make Creative Portraits Indoors” Rangefinder

Photographer Jyo Bhamidipati shows four different window light scenarios, with tips to making them look fine art.

“Communicating with Your Clients in Times of National Emergency or Crisis” PPA

Useful tips to better manage relationships with clients.

“Mental Health Help for Photographers (And Everyone Else)”

Interview with Kaylen Hagadorn, Clinical Director for New York-based Cobb Psychotherapy, who offers advice on what kind of steps photographers can take to navigate the pandemic in a healthy way.

“The Ultimate Guide for Wedding Photographers Dealing with the Coronavirus Crisis” Sprout Studio

Brian Caporicci, a professional Wedding Photographer, offers insight on how to deal with clients during the pandemic.

“How Portrait Photographers Are Pivoting in the Time of the Coronavirus” Rangefinder

Dark days lie ahead for portrait photographers, but branching out could save their business.

“Responding to challenges and uncertainty” Adobe

Learn how to empower your visual messaging in this evolving cultural landscape. You will be required to fill a form to see the guide.

“How Wedding Photographers Can Make Money While in Quarantine” Rangefinder

Advice on how photographers can create other sources (that are still related to photography) of income.

“Advice from artists on how to adapt to change and cope during COVID-19” Dazed

Artists, photographers, and creatives share how they’re dealing and evolving with this moment of crisis.

“How Photojournalists Are Documenting the Coronavirus Crisis” Wired

An interesting look at how photographers around the world are documenting life amid COVID-19.

“COVID-19 and Your Photography Business” The Lawtog

Rachel Brenke offers some legal insight on how to navigate the crisis.

Short Articles/Fast Reads

“Simple Ways That Photographers Can Help the World During the Crisis of the COVID-19 Pandemic” FStoppers

“Battling Crisis Anxiety With Online Live Photography Workshops” FStoppers

“A Photographer’s Guide to Navigating the Stimulus Bill, Cancellations and More” Rangefinder

“What To Do If You’re Not a Busy Photographer During the Busy Season” Rangefinder

“COVID-19: How to Disinfect Your Camera Equipment” Rangefinder

“How I Stopped the Bleeding—Loans and Other Help” Rangefinder

“6 Ways for Photographers to Inspire Creative Energy in Isolation” Rangefinder

“Tips for staying Productive and Engaged” PPA

“Avoiding Scams During The Coronavirus Pandemic” ASMP

“Registration of Claims with Physical Deposit Copies During Temporary Building Closure” US Copyright Office

Other Articles

“Keep calm and blog: How to market yourself in lockdown” Creative Boom

Useful tips and insight on how blogging during the pandemic.

“Five branding do’s and don’ts for the lockdown era” Creative Boom

Do’s and don’ts that every brand needs to pay close attention to, as long as lockdown remains in place.

“Paycheck Protection Program PPP Loan vs. EIDL loan: Which One Is Right for My SMB?” Zenefist

Differences between the SBA Disaster Loan Assistance and Paycheck Protection Program, and what is right for your business.

“Protecting Your Credit During a Pandemic” Next Advisor

This is a very detailed article that gives you tips and resources on how to protect your credit score.

“Brainstorming from a Distance: How Distributed Teams Collaborate” 99u

Six creative leaders tell how they set the scene for creative exchanges and productive collaboration in the age of remote work and distributed teams.

“Adobe Creative Cloud Integrations to Collaborate Better and Stay Productive When Working from Home” Adobe

Info on different tools that will help you work better anywhere.

“Lessons of Lockdown: What creative freelancers will be doing differently when things return to normal” Creative Bloom

Freelancers offer their opinion on how they will approach business from a different perspective.

“How Gig Workers Are Weathering the Virus Shutdown” New York Times

Includes the testimonies of different freelancers in New York.

“5 actions freelancers should take right now to protect against crises like COVID-19” CNBC

Measures freelancers can take to protect themselves and minimize the impact of unforeseen circumstances.

“How to Be Better at Stress” New York Times

Advice on how to deal with stress, reduce its harm and use it to make you stronger.

“How Small Businesses will Benefit from Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act” US Chamber of Commerce

Article with interactive map that shows available aid for each state.

“9 things you can do to make working from home more joyful” Freelancers Union

Info on specific tax credits for the freelance community.

“9 things you can do to make working from home more joyful” Freelancers Union

Useful ideas to create healthy and joyful workspace and routines.

“Keeping the spirits up during lockdown: How to be happy in isolation according to experts” Creative Boom

Tips to feel better during lockdown.


“Avoiding Panic During Times of Crisis with Jenika McDavitt” Fast Company Secrets Of The Most Productive People Podcast

Hosts Pavithra Mohan and Julia Herbst discuss how you can continue your professional connections and develop career skills while staying at home.

“Avoiding Panic During Times of Crisis with Jenika McDavitt” Sprouting Photographer Podcast

Jenika McDavitt is the founder of Psychology for Photographers, and teaches fellow artists how clients think and behave, and how to find clarity in their businesses.

“Brene On FFTS” Unlocking Us Podcast

Dr. Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston where she holds the Huffington Foundation – Brené Brown Endowed Chair at The Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy and is the author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers.

“Photographers and COVID-19” This Week In Photo

Host Frederick Van Johnson chats with Molecular Biologist Stephen Scharf, and Hospital Administrator Amy Brooks. Talk available on video format too.

“A Photography Panel Discussion on COVID19” F-Stop Collaborate & Listen Podcast

Photographer and host Matt Payne chats with a panel of photographers on how the pandemic has affected the Landscape Photography industry.

“Making The Best Of A Bad Situation” He Shoots He Draws Podcast

Hosts Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton how we can use the time to improve ourselves while staying at home.


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