Jul 17, 2014

How to Create a Stunning Magazine Cover in Photoshop

Create a Magazine Cover in Photoshop

Today we are learning how to create a magazine cover in photoshop! Many modern magazines use their logo or name as an integrated piece of art combined with photos on their covers. It is not uncommon to see a subject peering out from a logo, or the magazine name obscured by a face. Some magazines like “V Magazine” take this a step further and place their logo over the entire cover, forcing interaction with the subject.

In this episode we show you how to turn a photo into a magazine cover by integrating the “V” logo with the subject.

Use the Pen Tool to Make Selections

The Pen Tool is one of the best ways to make accurate selections in Photoshop. When used efficiently, the Pen Tool can be used to cut out just about anything in a photo. You can also use the Pen Tool to make selections, and turn those selections into objects.

In this tutorial we create the “V” logo by tracing an example from a real magazine cover. After creating the “V” we use the Pen Tool to cut out our subject and allow more ways for her to interact with the “V”.

We also use different blending modes to combine the logo with the subject, leading to a more interesting image.

Working with Type

Magazine covers almost always include type. You will often see complimentary colors used to create type so they stand off the background. In this image we create complimentary colors using the Difference Blend Mode.

For the title of the issue “Pink is the New Pink”, we make both of the words “pink” into the color pink. Then to help the type stand out from the background we show you how to add a white outline or Stroke. Then on the right side of the image we play with the background a bit, inserting type over black stripes.


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    Esther Son

    Can you show us how to retouch landscape/architecture photos so that it has a painterly effect like this?

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    Edgar Romo

    Maybe a skin color change? Something like this (and vice-versa):

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    Sebastian Bunte

    Hi Aaron, I really enjoy watching all your tutorials. Keep up the great work!
    Could you please make a tutorial on how to create this effect this famous German photographer Paul Ripke is using for a lot of his documentary pictures. The color style and the lens flare / lens whacking effect make it very interesting. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Aaron! What i would like a tutorial of, perhaps a pro tutorial is how to do the Photoshop end of an architectural rendering.

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    Michael Wine

    Excellent episode, and I found the process of adding texture to the coverup particularly interesting and helpful!
    Suggested Episode… I have a composite image of a football player that needs help. Two of the faces look inward towards a flame. I am having a heck of a time getting the glow of the fire onto the faces in a realistic way. I did not account for the source of light during the shoot! (but will in the future thanks to Phlearn!) Gradients don’t seem to work, so I’m trying to paint the color of the fire onto the faces, but not doing so well. Help me, Obi-Aaron-Nace-Wan….

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    Kevin Duquemin

    thanks Aaron ,great episode, here is only my second path and first real edit of a photo ,so go easy LOL
    btw ,still don’t know all the keyboard shortcuts

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    Is there a way to create a mp4 movie in photoshop, using still images and music?

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    I would love to see how to make MOVIE POSTERS! This has a lot of applicable ideas, but I’d like to see that additional cinematic flare.

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    I want to learn how to use the pen tool as “Shape” to select a curvy shape.

    I tried to watch more than 10 videos, I understanded how to use it for stright lines, but curvey i couldn’t can you please teach me ?

    Like to pen tool Graffiti for example.

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    ofri lahav

    thank you so much for your wonderfull and amazing videos .
    you are the best!

    studio lahav

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    Marcio Moreira

    That was awesome! Thanks for the great tutorial!

    I’d love to see a video on professional looking .gifs!
    Composition, transitions and saving for web techniques.

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    Exellent episode, can you please do a cover magazine for sports. I would love to learn to do one. My first attempt it came out to plain. Thank you for those gret tutorials you have

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    That was awesome! Thanks for the great tutorial! Can you make a tutorial for a logo and look like embroidered in a cloth???